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So, I have looked it up like a good mommy, ala Dr. Google, M.D., and saw what I assumed I would find. I have left a message witht he advice nurse, and will hear back tomorrow. Now, I am asking actual moms, cause sometimes we just know better wink1.gif.


DS2 (10 months) is breastfed and gets a mix of various solids depending on whatever is for dinner, as well as oatmeal, bananas, avocado, crackers, etc. My mom also gives him rice milk in a sippy on occasion (don't worry, it is not in place of mama's milk, and the kid is 27 pounds at 10 months, LOL!).


The past two days, he has been beyond cranky when with me. He's been not so bad when he was with my mom, but with me, it's all Mama, mama, mama, waaa, naaa, waaa! (whining)


His bowel movements had been normal until this afternoon. He had a mucus and blood streaked diaper, followed by another bout in the tub, then a couple little accidents on the floor, and finally another mucus and blood streaked diaper. This was all within about an hour's time.


He was somewhat lethargic, though not so much that I thought it concerning. It seemed to me to be normal, "I just had a lot of diarrhea and feel like crap," behavior.


He has had NO fever.


So, my first instinct is to cut out dairy. Sounds normal, like standard protocol for this sort of thing, yes?


Well, here's my concern:


I am cutting out dairy, but because this issue has only appeared today, never before, and he is suffering from a minor cold, and he is teething, just how reliable will my non-dairy diet be should this resolve in a couple of days? I mean, couldn't it be due to ANY of the other factors mentioned??


What do you think?