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Any twin moms with vaginal deliveries? Please direct me if there is another thread.

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Any twin moms with vaginal deliveries? Please direct me if there is another thread.

I feel pretty alone right now because while on another multiple moms site I basically was told by many that I was endangering my babies' lives by trying for a vaginal delivery.


Background: I am 35. My DH and I spent over $25,000 in the States TTC#1. We ended up having IVF in Europe and gave birth at home to our DD. It was my dream birth and I am grateful for it.

In Sept of this year, we went back to Europe and had IVF again, this time we conceived triplets but lost Baby B early. I now have two healthy babies growing well. I'm 9w3d.

We have spent over $45,000 total in trying to have a family. I have had 4 miscarriages in the past. But just because we had to have surgery to get pregnant doesn't mean that I want an automatic surgery to give birth.

I switched to another OB in Atlanta who specializes in delivering multiples vaginally. He even delivered a triplet VBAC mom this past January vaginally! But I am receiving some flak from friends/family about why I don't just opt the "safe" route for a c-section. I realize birthing never goes as planned and I may end up with a necessary c-section anyway, but I am so glad I found a doctor who will not only support me, but has extensive experience with delivering multiples vaginally.


Anyone else out there with the same mindset?



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First off, welcome to MDC and congratulations on your babies!  I am sorry for the loss of baby B.  You will find a ton of moms of multiples here who delivered their twins vaginally, had homebirths of twins as well as VBACs.  Many moms here also had c-sections for differing reasons.  It sounds like you chose a doctor who will support you in delivering vaginally if that is what you want and it can be done safely for mom and babies.  I had a vaginal birth in a hospital at 36 weeks 1 day.  Baby A was vertex and over a pound larger than Baby B, who was breech.  My doc would have done either the c-section or a breech extraction, and I felt the extraction was better for me.


If you type "vaginal birth twins" into the search box on the main community screen you will see a ton of threads about this come up.


Happy gestating and researching!


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Hey! My names Joy, too. Congrats on your family, sounds like you went through a lot with all of this. I am planning on having my twins vaginally, too. Also, I live in GA, and in the south it is so hard to get someone on board delivering twins vaginally. I finally found someone in Jesup who will deliver vaginally and I am so so happy!!! Good luck with your twins!

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Just quickly...wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy.  Sorry about baby B.


I went through 3 IVF procedures.  1st didn't work.  2nd resulted in a stillbirth (I was 29.5 weeks when I lost my son), and 3rd resulted in twins.


When I gave birth to the twins, I was 37 years old.  It was a vaginal delivery.  My OB said that he would let me "try", but that he insisted that I have an epidural.  They thought they might have to do a c-section because baby B was measuring larger than baby A.  Turns out, I did everything naturally.  The nurses delayed my epidural until it was too late to get one.  Baby A was head down and came out easily.  Baby B was breech and the OB pulled her out.  No drugs smile.gif


The twins were 37 weeks, each weighed 6lbs, 1oz.

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Thank you all so much for your welcome and direction. I'm so excited to find like-minded ladies!


Kat's Mommy - I hope I get nurses that are nice smile.gif

Strong Mama - Joy, I'm so glad you found someone in Jesup! In all of Atlanta, I was only able to find one doctor who delivered twins vaginally on a regular basis. I live NE of Atlanta, but spent 10 years in Macon, and 12 years in Vidalia. There just are not enough doctors in Georgia who support trying naturally. I think they see every patient as a potential law suit instead of trying to make it as natural and pleasant for the woman as possible.

Shahjehan - I had a homebirth with my first, but since lay midwifery is threatened in Georgia my midwives have to be very careful not to take on highrisk patients in order not to rock the boat. If something were to happen, sadly it would be publicized and possibly even some midwives arrested, etc. So they are trying to be extra cautious. It's sad that in Georgia, doctors do not have the freedom to back up midwives and support them if some of their patients need extra attention. Maybe one day!

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Congrats on your babes!  Pretty sure there are studies that show vaginal birth of twin is a legitimate choice - as safe and healthy as c/s in most cases.  Here's one of my favorite studies:




I had a homebirth with my twins at 39 weeks and was very happy we choose to do so.


One site to check out is:




My birth story is there (and here), and there's a lot of other good info.


Congrats on finding a good, experienced doctor!  It's so important to have that support.


Best wishes!


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i recognize you from the 'other' site and am sorry to hear about your baby b! i hadn't known yet...


i am planning a natural/home delivery for my twins...and have found quite a few wonderful resources. there is another board called twinstuff that has some great homebirth stories on it recently...


poke around and do your homework and you'll see that its not only possible, but healthy and safe to give birth to twins naturally!

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Thank you! This site has been so helpful! I have been reading and reading trying to take in all the information. :)

My doctor informed me that he will do anything to help me have a vaginal birth with as little trauma as possible to my perineum. He has such a great reputation and I am so glad to have found him.


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