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Stick a fork in me...

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I am done!

I know, I have 8-10 weeks more (probably closer to 10, I am sure I will be "overdue"), but oh....I am so ready. Much more so with than with #1. I don't have much anxiety with this one and I just want to hold the baby already! I feel a little sad because I am not moving as much, I can't pick up DD, I can't participate in her activities like yoga or soccer, I can't lift her up to put her in the cart for grocery shopping.  I feel like she is being cheated. I am so ready to be my active old self.

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I'm right there with you. I've been asking "Is it January yet???" for weeks now. I'm tired of being tired and weak!


It IS totally different with number 2 (or 3 or 4 etc...) With DS everything was new and exciting. This is the same channel all over again! lol.gif

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Count me in, too!  So ready for this babe to be on the outside.

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Count me in as well. My pelvic bones are not happy at the moment and I so want to do grocery shopping on my own and go outside with DS. Both things are on the no-no list....

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Oh, yeah. Even though this is only my first, I'm like, "Well, this has been interesting. Can I be done now?"


I am just sooooo ready (well, not really—we don't even have a car seat yet). DH and I both really want to meet this kid NOW.


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I got the car seat 2 days ago so I told the baby... well technically I am ready for you.  But I don't want him to be this early tho!  I am ready to be done!  I am so tired all the time. I wake up tired!


Big Momma

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I'm there with you. My pregnancy is going fine, it's not like I'm dying to be done because I'm miserable - I'm just impatient and wanting to meet my baby!

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Count me in the ready to be done crowd.  29 weeks today, and just so ready for this pregnancy to be done.  I don't want baby to come early, I just want to fast forward to the birth so I don't have to be pregnant anymore.

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I kept telling this baby that I am crossing my legs until January 1st (40w5d) and now I am like "well, December 6th (37w) is pretty far from Christmas".  Given that this is baby #4 and #1, 2 & 3 were born at 41w, 40w4d and 40w5d, I don't see this baby coming any time this year.  This babe doesn't feel like it has dropped at all, but anyone else feel like their baby is going to fall out at any moment???  My pelvis is so sore, every time I pee I expect to see bloody show because I feel like all this pressure HAS to be making me dilate (it's not).

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i know what you mean.. i've had a hard pg and can't wait to hold my Katie. but then i got awfully sick and started going into potential labour.. it put everything in perspective, so hopefully i'll go another month before i really start feeling that way again!

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I know what you mean! This has been a difficult pregnancy, and it's the last one, and I'm just sooo ready to not be pregnant anymore and be able to hold this precious little guy in my arms. Our last came early and had to do a NICU stay, so I have no desire for him to come early, I'm just ready for that day to be here. smile.gif

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I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in Jan. My pelvis is killing me and I feel like a whale...

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