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I need a hug!

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Oh ladies, I need to vent. Thanks for reading. Today is my due date and I have been feeling great for the most part. My whole pregnancy I have paid so much attention to positioning myself so that baby is anterior and in a good position. Well, for nearly 2 weeks I have had prelabour symptoms which have included 2-4 hours of regular contractions (every 4 minutes) for the past 6 nights (including bloody show etc). It always feels like labour-then stops. So I am so confused about when to call my midwife etc. Well, the last 3 nights my ctx have been HORRIBLE-all localized in my back and increasing when I lay down, every 4 minutes. I'm averaging 4-5 hours of broken sleep (fun with a 3 year old to take care of lol). These back contractions are awful. My baby is deeply engaged and this experience is so different than my first. My son's birth was awesome (12 hours of labour-most of it really easy, and he was 10 lbs!), but all of what I am going through now is scaring me. I feel fearful and I am losing trust in the process and I am really worried that babe is posterior. Does anyone have any words of wisdom??? Please???? This prodormal labour is draining me and my confidence:(

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DDDC but I couldn't read this without commenting.


I think it's especially hard to deal with that sort of thing when you've had an ideal labor in the past. I had one textbook labor, one incredibly fast and intense labor, one labor that was proceeded by two weeks of prodromal labor and a false alarm before the baby was finally born two weeks after her due date, and one labor that started when my water broke three days after my due date but the labor lasted over 50 hours total. None of them were posterior. None of them were breech. All of them were head-down, face-down, increasing in size by about 12oz each time (7.5lbs, about 8.3lbs, 9lbs, 9lbs11oz). Some people have similar labors...I did not! The only common factor was that every single one of those labors started between 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning. smile.gif Your body DOES know what it's doing and it WILL help you birth this baby. 


With my #3, it turned out that she was kinda aiming towards my hip rather than the birth canal. If I had done some pelvic rocks or other positioning techniques it may have made things easier on me. It couldn't hurt for you to try that, or even get to a chiropractor and ask for the Webster technique if you can. I had acupuncture on Day 2 and Day 3 of my fourth labor and I don't know if it helped, but it didn't hurt either. smile.gif Look at this part of your pregnancy like the transition part of your labor: when you get to the point where you're thinking "I can't do this anymore!!!" it means you are almost there. 

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Sorry you're having a tough time. Prodromal labor would drive me nuts.  I don't have any words of wisdom, just try to think of this as your body gearing up and you'll have another wonderful birth just like your son's.

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hug2.gif - I haven't been through prodromal labour or back labour, but any kind of pain drains your resources really fast, so I can imagine how you're feeling.  I hope the real thing happens soon and your babe isn't posterior!!

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oh my!   That sounds painful, but encouraging as well!  It's hard not to be scared!   Sending good vibes and prayers your way.  You can do this!

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