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August 2010 DDC thread for November!

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Hello ladies! This is a thread for those who were in the August 2010 DDC - can you believe we're being archived already?!?


So, what new "tricks" are your little ones up to? "Talking"? Chattering? Giggling? Rolling over?

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Did you link to this thread in our DDC? I don't remember seeing it, I just fell upon this.


DS is smiling a ton, giggling and chatting all the time. No rolling over yet, though.

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DS is smiling and laughing. He's started chattering a lot. It seriously sounds like he says mama when he wants me, sometimes. And today it sounded like he said milk. I don't know that he is actually saying those things, but it's still kind of neat. He has become more and more playful. He's starting to play with toys some. He wants to sit up so much! He likes when we prop him up. I think it's because, then, he can see all the things going on around him. He hasn't started actually rolling over yet, but when he is on his back he rolls from side to side. He's been doing that for a long time. Nursing is still going really well. He's seemed to have a cold lately. So does his older brother. Still only waking once, maybe twice, a night. When he is on his belly he tries to lift up. He's getting his head and chest up pretty good for a couple of moments, while he looks around. So cute!


As for me, I'm doing good. I have a friend who works at curves and I went and worked out with her yesterday. First time I've worked out in a while and it felt GOOD! We've decided to challenge each other to reach goals. We have a wedding we're going to next month so that's our first goal, to lose some weight and gain some strength by. My big goal is to be pre-pregnancy weight by the time I graduate in July. I know it's totally do-able and I may even reach my goal ahead of schedule. It's just nice to have the support. I'm hoping that it will also help with the prolapse. Most days it doesn't seem too bad. The other day though, it really had me upset, because I could feel it more. I'm considering going to a counselor for support in dealing with that and other things. I was told it may self correct over the next year, if not, I *might* consider surgery for it, if it is really bothering me. Another thing I'm doing is working on a novel. It's my first year participating in Nanowrimo, though I've thought of doing it a few times. I'm really excited to be challenging myself like this. I don't write as much as I used to and I miss doing it. So far I've reach just over 14,000 words out of the 50,000 word goal. I'm pretty pleased with myself. Usually when I write stories I write a ton all at once from start to finish and then just let it lie. I don't usually go back and flesh them out into something better or anything. This time, I'm having to push myself to do that and to even try writing differently than I normally would. It's great! smile.gif


How is everyone else doing?

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We got DS's "school pic" proofs today. Now that we can have pics, I had to share!


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It goes too fast! I can't believe your babes are pushing up already! DD is growing rounder by the day. She isn't quite 3 months yet but already in 6 month clothing! All that good BM must be why she is getting huge and I'm shrinking fast. Just one size up from my pre peg size now. Amazing. It took a full year to reach this point with my last one! But she was a skinny minny, and this one is chunky monkey, and I'm tandeming to boot, so maybe that is why. Trying to get DD1 to wean (she's 4), which might slow the progress. But I hope she does because nursing two is just too much right now.
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How is everyone doing this week? Ready for Thanksgiving?


I've been busy with birthdays and birthday parties for my girls lately. Along with their school activities and trying to do any Christmas shopping I want to get done. I have been getting out to work out with my friend some and it's been great! Although it's been weird leaving my little guy to go and do things like work out and go to my dd's school Thanksgiving lunch. I start school in 2 weeks and I'm hoping he handles that well. Night time seems to be harder on him. He does a lot more nursing before bed. During the daytime I can do stuff for 2-3 hours in the evenings it's more like every 30 mins to an hour.

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Hi ladies!

I haven't been very active around these parts lately. I'm reading and trying to stay caught up, but am just being way too lazy to post.

DD was 4 months yesterday (happy 4 month b-day to the other 7/18 babes too!) and she was conceived exactly one year ago today. Wow. I can NOT believe it's been a year. It's flown by, and been so slow at the same time. The beginning of pregnancy just draaaaagged on for me, I was so anxious to get to a place that i felt "safe" and like things would be OK. Now I wish I hadn't wished it away. Next time I hope to get to savor it more.


We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner, as we have for the past 3 years, and will into the foreseeable future. I'm working 4 days a week, and it's just enough to make life really complicated and difficult! DH travels ALL THE TIME- basically he's only home on weekends. It's hard to get used to, but we're figuring it out. The house is just a mess pretty much all the time, and there's nothing i can do about it. SO, it stays :) 


AV is doing great- cooing, playing with some toys (or trying to hold on to them for more than 5 seconds and get them into her mouth as quickly as possible!) She is chatting up a storm, and it's hilarious. We can have full babble conversations now. When she's just eaten, it is the most enjoyable, bc she's milk drunk, and just plain gleeful. She'll pop off the boob, lean back and just start laughing, babbling and screeching in delight. Makes my day every time. She's still not rolling over on the floor, but can do it on the bed, I guess bc it's softer and easier for her to yank her arm out from under her? she is starting to at least tolerate tummy time, now that she can get her head and chest off the ground better. she actually smiled during a session lat night instead of just grunting and crying.

I've been fighting a sinus infection for the last 4 weeks, and am on my second round of atbx. TOTALLY against what I normally do, but I was sooo sick of the pain, congestion and post nasal drip... I got tested for strep throat, and they found that I still have a pretty hefty colonization of GBS (normal to have presence in the throat apparently- according to CDC and mayo clinic. GROSS. ) I'm a little nervous about passing it on to AV, but her ped doesnt seem concerned at all... so I guess I shouldnt be either.  She and I are taking our probiotics regularly to keep thrush at bay and hope to avoid it at all costs!

 We're just gearing up for the holidays. I'm making sets of playsilks for my neices, G-d Daughter, and DD (for when she's older, and for now we can just use as peek-a-boo props!) I am soooo excited about it.


Otherwise, there isnt much to report. How is everyone else doing?


Thought I would add a pic. She was helping me bake this past weekend. Sorry it's a little blurry, she just doesn't sit still!!  such chubby cheeks and long and lean everywhere else...


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Hi Mamas, subbing!

DD is almost 12 weeks, and almost 15lbs! She is smiling a lot and her big brother adores her. I have mastitis for third time, I think it's never really resolved from the first time. Taking antibiotics now, and lots of probiotics for me and DD, just like LZP.
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It's hard to believe a year ago I was pregnant and didn't know it. Thankgiving dinner smelled horrid and I could barely eat. I thought I was sick. Little did I know it was the start of almost five months of "morning" sickness. So excited for this year. I'm eating two pieces of pie to make up for last years misery! thumb.gif
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well josh was due in august, but born in september... he's 11 weeks old today and weighs around 16lbs!!!!! i just started swapping him over to 6-9mo clothes. he is such a chunk. he's smiling, laughing, cooing. as for me, 30lbs just melted off, i'm only 12lbs over my prepreg weight. amazing it took me 9 months to get to this point with my others. some days life feels crazy and others i feel like i have it all together. i must say the change to 3 has been so easy. not like going to two, that was tough.

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So nice to see everyone here! The photos are super adorable!!! I can't believe Adrian is 3mo already! He's doing great, rolling over, pushing up during tummy time, giggling and grabbing at toys and things. He's soo cuddly and squishy. He still has a bit of colic occasionally, but it's getting better. I just love to watch him and his big sister, who adores him, interact more and more.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D

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So I haven't posted much lately, just been busy with life... but ummm am I the only one from our ddc who might be pregnant again?!?!?! *Sigh* DH and I were reunited about a month ago... and well, protection was not on our list as we had the honeymoon stage! ha. Now, I am certain I am pregnant again.... we will see I guess. The thought have having three kids under 3 scares the crap out of me!! ha. HELP! lol. 







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Woo! You go girl! I've been wondering who would be the first in our club to get pregnant again! Keep us updated :)

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Originally Posted by MommaKitten21 View Post

So I haven't posted much lately, just been busy with life... but ummm am I the only one from our ddc who might be pregnant again?!?!?! *Sigh* DH and I were reunited about a month ago... and well, protection was not on our list as we had the honeymoon stage! ha. Now, I am certain I am pregnant again.... we will see I guess. The thought have having three kids under 3 scares the crap out of me!! ha. HELP! lol. 







Wow! Congrats! Keep us posted about if you are or are not in the July '11 (?) DDC. I wanted to be, but now that my PP hormones have toned down, I'm thinking a little spacing would be better for my sanity.
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That would be where I would be joining.... I'm too afraid to test yet. Ha! I did tell DH it would be pretty cute twenty years from now to look back and tell our story through deployment babies. Ya know, "you came after the deployment from _____  and your sister was a honeymoon baby from the deployment to ____ " lol.... could make for some good stories later in life I suppose ;)


The only down side is we aren't sure DH will be stateside this summer. He is supposed to be gone then. He barely made it home for this birth (only home for a week then had to go back) and I honestly do not want to face birthing without him. So I'm a little scared about it all. I will definitely keep everyone posted!

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Wow Kourtney! I was wondering who would be first too! I hope it all works out well for you and your family. It would be a lovely way to tell your story :)



I was thinking I wanted to start trying again right away. Then DD started wanting to nurse every 2.5 hrs again throughout the night... and I feel like I have a newborn with the energy of a VERY curious 4.5m/o. I'm one tired mama. 


Just got my first PPAF this morning. UGH. anyone else yet?

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Wow! Good luck!

My little pumpkin is doing great! She's about 16 lbs and 4 months on Friday! She still eats constantly and I am about to put up her 3-6 month clothes!! I can't believe she fits in 6-9 month clothes!! We have pictures on Colorwithwords.com

I have not had a pp period yet! At 8 weeks I had a small gush but it was done immediately, crazy!

I am still finding my groove as a SAHM! Trying to balance housework and improvement ideas with Emery is hard!
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Yes, Mommakitten, please keep us posted!


Things are good here for the most part. I started back to school last night. So far my little guy does NOT like to take a bottle. We've been trying to get him used to it, but it just isn't happening. He may have eaten a little milk last night when his sister tried to give him a bottle, but not enough to really be noticeable. I'm gone from about 4:30 - 10:30. I don't want his 6 hours of not eating to be while I'm gone. I want it to be while I'm sleeping! He is about 3 and a half months now and is fitting nicely in the 3-6 month clothes. His 4 month appointment is still a couple weeks away so I don't know how much he weighs or has grown. 


We just found out that next fall we'll be moving up to Michigan. We're excited. I'll graduate just before we move. I think that is all the news here. Hope everyone is doing well!

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joy.gif My little one cut her first tooth today! I can hardly believe it. She is growing so fast.
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