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My bucket of pens was long overdue for sorting through, I am always sifting through for a good one, so this was the kick I needed to get that job done!  thumb.gif



Next: Get rid of two bathroom products that you really don't like/use  OR   find a home for all shoes scattered round the house.



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All of the shoes are now in the front closet (where they, uh, are supposed to go...)



Declutter 3 drawers OR one unpleasant sorting task (like that stack of papers on the desk!)

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3 drawers of mittens and socks decluttered!



declutter dry goods (beans, mixes, etc) from the kitchen cupboard or sort cleaning supplies!

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I'll join!


cleaning supplies are sorted!



pack away all summer gear OR file away a pile of paper needing a home

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heading over to my pens ( really right now : ) )


donate bin 3 things you or family member doesnt fit or vacume liveing area

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Ill play! I decluttered my girls dresses earlier this afternoon and put three dresses in a bag to give to my friends..


Clean a pet cage/tank/litter box OR clean out the pantry and toss the stuff that you won't use/is expired.



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resurrecting an old but good thread




I cleaned the hamster cage last night, woot!




Lets see...clean underneath your couch cushions OR pick up all the toys in your living room floor

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I'm so unfocused right now this is great OK living room picked up


now wash the dishes or declutter the fridge

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DH did both for me...  lol.gif  I can still count it, right?  (the fridge was mostly full of his pickle jars anyways...)


Get rid of 5 beauty items you don't use anymore or shake out/vacuum all your little area rugs


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Thanks..you got me to chuck out 5 things I had been procrastinating about!



Next person....get rid of an unused kitchen utensil...at least one! (But two is better...)

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what a great thread!!!  can i play?


two kitchen thingies gone!!  a weirdly shaped spatula and an "extra" ice cream scoop.  who needs more than one ice cream scoop??


the person below me needs to shred some documents/paperwork, i bet :D

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Big stack of paper gone


OK  move out one thing you never wear or sweep/mop or vacuum a room

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An itchy sweater I never wear yet have held onto for 16 years in hopes that I someday would is now in the donate pile. Very liberating!


Now, put away all the coats and jackets that are hanging on the backs of chairs (we can't be the only ones!) or clear out a pantry item that's expired or that you never use.

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canned salmon in the donate box Im sure I could find more


now clear off kitcehn counoter or put all the shoes away from around the front door ( IM heading off to do both )

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put shoes away


declutter your intables or clear off kitchen table

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My Kitchen table is now clean!


You ... Discard or donate 5 things from your junk drawer. Or 5 items from the toy box if the kids are already in bed.

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5 junky toys gone!!


either sweep the kitchen floor or clean the litterbox (if you have one)

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Swept the kitchen floor!


Toss some unused or outdated entertainment...either a card game, board game, DVD or video. OR wipe over the top and front of your stove.

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Did top and front of my stove today!


Next up, gather kids' shoes into basket or container of some sort OR place all library items in the same place so they are ready to return soon. ;)

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This looks like a great thread!


I gathered the library stuff to bring back tomorrow (I work at the library on Saturdays).


The next person needs to toss a load of laundry in the washer or dryer/drying line (folding the clean stuff works here, too) OR clean a less than clean sink

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