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IN the drier now next person take out trash/recycle or toss/gift a box of tea of coffie 

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the recycling is off my counter and in the garage in its bin!


the person below me can clean/vacuum under the couch cushions -- or they can sanitize their phone/keyboard with some rubbing alcohol

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cleaning the keyboard and Ipad


the person under me needs to do something with there dishwasher or pick up there bedroom floor

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Going to pick up the bedroom right now and vacuum the dog hair tumbleweeds from under the bed.


Next person needs to organize their CDs or DVDs or toss all their underwear with holes/fraying elastic 

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one CD and one DVD gone next person toss two old coupons or clean up a pet mess

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We don't have a pet, and no coupons in Australia...but I did chuck out some videos tonight!


Get rid of a container or lid that has no matching lid or container!  OR clean a sink.


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No coupons ? Or pets ?? I'm almost jealous those very two things are my current household annoyance but I do love me ferret
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I found one container with no lid so I tossed it in the recycling bin. The sink will get cleaned after I roast the chicken tonight (so I can disinfect the sink).


Someone else needs to find a pile of junk thats been sitting around and recycle/donate/toss everything OR if you're having nice weather like we are here, spend a few minutes outside tidying the porch or yard.

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I cleaned up half a pile of junk on a table in the basement (the rest needs to be donated), plus mailed a bunch of baby clothes to a friend, which got a bin out of the kitchen.  


Next person needs to toss/donate any cleaning supplies you don't use or pick one room and vacuum/mop under all the furniture (and the rest of the room too!).

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Tossed a heap of old cleaning supplies plus a bottle of headlice lotion that had leaked...I had been wondering what that toxic odour was!!


Next person...clean off any clutter from the fridge (papers, unecessary magnets) OR give the bins and wastebaskets a spring clean (rinse out and dry).

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