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Pictures of our babies!

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Alright all you mamas with adorable tiny newborns.  Us still pregnant mamas are aching to see some pictures!  Post here and show off your new additions!  I need a baby fix since mine is still cooking orngbiggrin.gif

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Awwwww, I want one!!! love.gif

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What a beautiful little bundle!!! I cannot wait to get mine hear in my arms instead of under my ribs!!!!!

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what they said! lol.gif so precious!! love.gif

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More pictures please!


Did anyone notice how many profile pictures on the facebook group have been changed to new babies? I can't wait until it is my turn. I even volunteered to babysit for my husband's coworker, they have a 2 month old. smile.gif Hopefully she takes me up on it before I have this baby.

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this is brigit when she was about 30 min old.  i have been slacking with the picture taking, as this was nearly 2 days ago!  orngbiggrin.gif  i need to get on that so people can see what she looks like now that the facial swelling has gone down.  lol.gif

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Her messy pic. They even wrapped her up all messy for me



Baby Girl's 1st day 003.JPG

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Here is my baby Cosima at 6 days old smile.gifIMG_6799s.jpg

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Eira, 2.5 weeks:




This one cracks me up.

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And so hilarious, Ocelotmom! lol.gif

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These pics are so great!  Thank you for sharing.

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dirtyhippy, she is lovely! my 2nd was a bit swollen after she was born too..  she looks like such a sweetie pie! i cant wait to see more photos.


kitty, she is precious!


marylang, that is such a wonderful brand new baby photo.. *sigh*



northeast: look at those cheeks! so kissable. YUM!



ilovemysophie, she is just beautiful! love.gif lovely photography too~!



ocelotmom, that picture is hilarious!  lol.gif  she is such a wee pixie babe. so sweet!

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So many adorable babies!  The cheeks on these babes are too much for me.  I can't wait to meet mine heartbeat.gif

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I just want a baby now!!!!


ILoveMySophie - I love the name Cosima!  For me, it has a Wagnerian context (he named his daughter that), but it is a lovely name in itself.


I love the cheeks on your babes - so totally kissable and snuggable....I can't wait for my turn!  :love

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Oh my goodness, they're all so precious!!! 

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I have SUCH baby-lust right now!! Thank goddess I have one a brewin' who should be here really soon. :lol




Ocelotmom, that picture is hysterical! It should be your holiday card. :lol


ILoveMySofie, I've been wondering about you!! What a gorgeous picture and a sweet little girl - LOVE the name Cosima! :love


Mamas, ALL of these babies are simply gorgeous!!

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