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They are all soooo precious!!!

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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post

Ahhh!!  Eliana is SO CUTE!!  Are those professional photos or does your camera just totally rock?

Thank you! :love  My DH has a professional camera and is a semi-pro photographer.  We'll have some professional photos, too, though the end of the labor went so fast the photographer missed the birth!

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Kay, love the falling over on the cat! And I think she's definitely smiling "for real!"  How awesome!

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I love all the pictures!


Kay-love the kitty picture, too!  I have a big black cat we consider a pillow, too.  He loves babies and guards them until they're about a year, being their foot warmer or pillow. :lol

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Here is Evalena (Evie):) She was born Nov 11 at 1055 pm at home. She was 8 lbs 2 ounces and I am completely in love!!!!attach.msc.jpeg evie

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I loooove this thread! Keep posting pictures, please, mamas! Seeing them is keeping me sane right now.

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Such cute babies!!! I heartbeat.gif this thread.

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Cordelia the day after her birth.  Her placenta/cord fell off yesterday during our home visit.




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Charlie at 10 days old! I love him so much. :love 

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Beautiful pictures ladies and congrats to you all!! Here's June at 5 days.



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ashley, that is such a beautiful lotus birth photo! she is just beautiful!

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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post

ashley, that is such a beautiful lotus birth photo! she is just beautiful!

kiss.gifThanks, Fern!  Soon you'll have your own sweet photos to add to this thread!

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Ashley- did you make the outfit and blanket too?


NatureLady- I love the picture of you kissing Charlie, you're smushing his face just a little.

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So loving all these pictures, mamas!!


A couple more of Eliana from today, 2.5 days old...  She's not as red as my iPhone camera makes her out to be, but it's a quick and easy way to get non-stop pictures.  :lol





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Loving the baby pics, ladies!  love.gif

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DS made Eira this car seat toy out of some scraps of fabric left over from the diapers. She loves it, and will stare cross-eyed at it and attempt to touch and kick it for an astonishingly long time.

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Originally Posted by MisaGoat View Post

Ashley- did you make the outfit and blanket too?



I did.  I've made all my babes quilts before they were born and that's Delia's.  The outfit was one I made this summer when I did a big batch of tie-dye.

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Aww... I want my baby!!  DH wants him like *right now* but I'm (slightly) more patient.

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We just got a sneak peek of Eliana's newborn photo session pics.  I love them and have to share!  :D


Hopefully this link to the first of her five shots works:



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Squeeee!!! Heather, that shot is AMAZING! So perfect. Ocelotmom, I looove the look on her face there! So cute.


Heather, I must know: What kind of diaper cover is your cutie wearing in that picture? I love the dark green colour.








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