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Pictures of our babies! - Page 5

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I haven't posted here yet but I've loved seeing all your sweet babes.  Here are pictures of mine finally


Carys- 3 days old



My 2 girls and me!

my girls.jpg


Carys is 5 weeks old here



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Eira sleeping through her first encounter with Santa. She had a bit of a cold. Sorry Santa!





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My sweet Eliana Christmas morning:


A little awake time, with her new amber necklace:

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:) Heather... Marah got an amber necklace for Christmas, too. hehe

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my roberta got an amber necklace for christmas too!! 

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here she is at one or two hours old:

BEP Ariana's Birth-1099.jpg


and at five days:

BEP Roberta-1010.jpg



we haven't gotten our christmas pics uploaded yet. 


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After a 5 month drought, I am finally online in our new house. I missed checking up on you MDC mama's during the last months of my pregnancy, though most of my time here was spent lurking. Avery is 11 1/2 weeks old, he was 6 weeks early but you'd never know by looking at him now.


Avery one week old with his big brother and sister.





Avery at two months.



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The expression on your twin's faces is so beautiful, i love it. I love all these pictures!


I have a few to share, finally:




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I love the photo of you nursing Dez, Farren!  So beautiful!


What a good looking bunch of kiddos we've got here, eh?luxlove.gif

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He totally looks like you, Farren!  love.gif

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I agree - good looking babes!


Awesome pic of you and Dez, Farren.

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These babies are all so scrumptious!! Love the pics!
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joy.gif They are all so adorable! November was a good month for cute babies, wasn't it!
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Farren, your pic totally made me miss my dreads, gone 4 yrs already!!!!  They are beautiful, I love the cap too and the nursing pic!


Ladies we have some pretty darn cute little babes.  I cannot believe it is January already, anyone else think time is flying by? Especially now that I am not waiting around for a baby to come anymore!

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Two months already! love.gif


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Eira is looking at this thread with me. She's fascinated by pictures of babies!



Taken 1/3



Taken today - 1 week short of 3 months.

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8 weeks old





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Adorable! Molly has that same M shaped hairline. It's too cute!
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Oh I LOVE all these pictures_so sweet! Our babies are getting so big already!

Here is Evie at 7 weeks:)IMG_0264.jpg

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