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Spinning Babies

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Attention Birth Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Midwives, Ob's, L&D nurses who live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire,


Gail Tully author of Spinning Babies.com is making an appearance April 30 and May 1st to do her long awaited Spinning Babies workshop.  People who took it a few years back loved it, and we have been waiting with much anticipation for her to return.  The time has finally come.    For details about the workshop visit her site at spinningbabies.com. In the next couple of weeks exact locations will be determined as well as price once determined they will be posted on her site and you will have the opportunity to register at that time.  Any questions please contact me at pregnancybirth_beyond@comcast.net or call me at 508-728-5906.  Space is limited!!!  Don't miss out!!!!

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I just wanted to bump this because I adore Gail :)

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Wish it were closer to detroit...cuz I'd LOVE to go to one of her workshops!  :)

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And if you want to come to Atlanta, she will be here Jan. 15th. Message me for details!

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Just an update to the post about Gail coming to the southcoast area of Massachusetts.  It will be April 30th for sure in that particular area and it will be from 9-430 pm.  Visit her site in about a week for registration.  The cost will be about $100.00

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Oh how exciting. Where in MA (not familiar with the term, "south coast")- I would enjoy coming to this workshop! Thanks for posting!!! Awesome.


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