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Stepping Away

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First I wanted to apologize for not keeping up with the DDC the past month (well and this one too).  After the situation in October and just our long wait in general, and our long projected wait, plus how long we've waited total to be parents, it's just too hard.  I just can't anymore.


We're still signed with our agency and we're not going to drop them, but in general we give up.  It's been almost 6  years of waiting crying and doctors and tests pleading and waiting and praying and waiting and adoption and waiting and waiting and waiting.  At this point, there is not a damn thing in the world that we can do to make it happen, we're just at the mercy of...  I have no idea.


So that's it, we're done.  Go ahead and keep my name on the DDC because we are still waiting, but I don't think I'll be around much.  If it happens it happens, but if it doesn't well, I don't know.  We'll just have to figure out how to survive I guess.

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I am so sorry. greensad.gif

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(((HUGS))) Rebecca.  I know how much you want to be a mother.  I hope that it happens for you.

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I'm sorry.

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How sad. I'm sorry.

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Hugs to you.

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This forum is here for you Rebecca, whenever you need to be here. And everyone understands if you can't be here much.

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Oh beck greensad.gif 
Im so sorry. I can only imagine how heartbroken you must feel right now. Its a tough road, and one that truly drains us emotionally.

Pm me if you want to talk... sending you hugs and comforting thoughts.

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I'm so sorry hug.gif

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Beck, hugs and I'm here if you ever need to talk. 

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