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Walk me through exactly where you are going and what you are looking at AND what your settings are for your view. If you can give me a screenshot of your My Subscriptions page - the first ten would be fine - I'll take a close look. smile.gif
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Actually, it's my profile near the bottom under Recent Activity.  I'll take a screen shot the next time there is an update there.  I'ts the same thing in My Subscriptions.  

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Ok, here is a screen shot. As you can see, the threads which have new replies have not been bumped because one of them is below this thread which had no replies.  If one of the older threads had replies, it would also not be bumped.  Therefore I have to click on More until I check back over every thread in which I have ever posted to check for new replies.  


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Would you please upload the screenshot as an image in your post. It looks like you placed it as a URL and the image shows but it's too small to see anything and if I click on it I get taken to Photobucket's homepage. Thanks! :)
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Sorry, I didn't know that I could do that.  redface.gif

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If you click on "Subscriptions Only" which is just above "Settings" does that give you a list of new posts to threads you are subscribed to and bump the most recent to the top?
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I have clicked that before and it never seemed to do anything.  But I'll try again.  

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Ok, when I clicked Subscriptions Only from my profile page, it didn't do anything.  I found an update on the 3rd page but didn't click on it so I could use it as a test.  I then clicked on Subscriptions and tried it there and it made the update move to the first page but not on top.  At least it's no longer on the 3rd page.  ;-)


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Try it that way for awhile and see if it works for you. smile.gif
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