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Rachel Quinn is here! Complete with doctor/police chase - UPDATED!

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Will post the whole story soon, but Rachel was born 11/10/10 at 7:13am.  8 pounds, 5 ounces.  She's a sleepy girl but nurses well.  Yes, my doctor was actually chased by the police on the way to the hospital and she nearly didn't make it there for delivery!

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Yay! Congratulatons! joy.gif And welcome Rachel Quinn...sounds like quite the birth story. Can't wait to hear it. smile.gif

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lol.gif that is one memorable intro to the world~!

congrats mama! welcome Earth-Side Rachel Quinn!

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Wow!  Congrats!!

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Wow!  Congratulations mama and welcome Rachel! 

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congratulations!  I am just so glad YOU were not being chased by doctors and the police, as I was envisioning from the thread title.  LOL.  So glad the doc made it, and so glad to hear your daughter has arrived safely and soundly.  How wonderful.

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Yay!  Congratulations!  Can't wait to hear the birth story...glad it wasn't you being chased by police, lol.

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Yay for you finally, Ellen!!!  joy.gif

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Congratulations mama!!! And welcome baby Rachel!

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hooray! welcome to the world!

just wondering if her name is a shout-out to the glee characters rachel and quinn??

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I can't wait to hear the full story!!!  Congratulations and welcome to the world, Rachel!  love.gif

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Congrats momma!  I am glad you were not being chased by either the police or the doctors!  That would have made for an even more interesting birth story!!!  Good luck with your baby!  

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Congrats Ellen! I love the name Rachel! love.gif Can't wait for pics!!

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How exciting! A true dramatic entrance :lol Welcome Rachel Quinn! :joy

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congratulations!!!!!  she's an outlaw already!!! :lol

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So, of all the days to go into labor, I can't believe it had to happen on the day that MDC was down!  I had contractions off and on all day (Tuesday) that were intense but not particularly close together or regular.  But strong enough that dh got a sub for the game after school so that he could come home.  Had had that miserable experience of feeling like I had the stomach flu the night before and that continued most of the day.  Even if I wasn't in labor I wanted him home so he could be just as miserable!  He took one look at me when he came home and started trying to get ahold of the woman whose kids I babysit for.  He told me that he didn't care how irregular they were, he was taking me to the hospital because he'd seen me look that way before.  Once he was home, I walked the neighborhood a bit, had quite a few contractions and was becoming convinced that he was right.  It was very nice of the weather to cooperate with a record high since not long before we'd had 3 inches of snow.  Got back to the house and (of all the days) he could not reach the mom of the babysitting kids at work.  A little frustrating to say the least.  However, things were not going that fast, so I suppose it really didn't matter though I was not feeling particularly kind or reasonable at the time.  I packed a bag for my kids to go over to our friends' house and walked a little more.  They stalled a bit after that.  Finally, we lost the extra kids and got a move on.  My contractions were slowing but they were becoming more intense.  Dropped our kids and got the hospital.  The first little bit is always the most annoying as they try to figure out whether you should stay or not.  I wasn't significantly changed from the dr appointment on Monday but contractions were regular.  Finally admitting called because they were having trouble with my records and I decided that that meant they were actually admitting me.  I was GBS+ so that meant an iv and I think that that might have been the worst part.  Because of the nausea and diarrhea for nearly 24 hours at that point I was terribly dehydrated and it was nearly impossible for them to find a vein.  Poor nurse (poor me too) found one and then it got blocked and she had to redo it.  Ugh.  Terrible.  Finally able to relax after that and then.......nothing.  Contractions started to stall almost completely.  Except, when I had them they were terrible intense.  I'd also dilated enough by then that they weren't going to send me home.  I knew that pitocin was in my future - something I've never had, something that I was afraid of - and as a result I opted to get an epidural even though I had hoped to do without.  I must say, it was the best one ever.  I never lost feeling in my legs, could move them as needed, and yet the pain was gone.  The nurse confided to me that he was the best in the hospital.  Labor stalled, and they wanted to start pitocin.  I said I'd rather they break my water instead but she said that I'd have to wait until about 7 am (was about midnight by then) for one of the doctors to come in.  That didn't sound particularly appealing, so I let them start it instead.  However, I slept though it all, so not a big frightening ordeal as I had blown it up in my mind.  Woke up at about our regular time in the morning feeling refreshed!  Talked to the nurse and she and I both agreed that I should sit up a bit more and see what that would do.  Almost immediately I felt a trickle and thought my water had broke.  Nurse said it hadn't, so we started to make some phone calls to update people....telling them it would be a long time yet.  As I'm on the phone with my sister (who claims she slept with her hand on the phone) I felt a POP and a gush.  My sister was certain I was joking until I hung up on her.  And that's when things got a little crazy.  Started to feel pressure maybe all of 5 minutes later.  Nurse checked and didn't think there was a signficant change (maybe only a 6 then), so I thought it was just wishful thinking on my part....  Until about 5 minutes later when I knew I couldn't be mistaken.  Yep - baby was right there.  They called the doctor - it was almost shift change for both the practice I use and the nurses.  Contractions were crazy intense - I'm guessing the epidural was doing nothing by that point - and I was trying to hold off pushing.  Not a great feeling.  A nurse stayed in the room the whole time because she was thinking that she was going to have to deliver (she said that she had done so before, but told me that she would really rather not do so since it makes her feel like she's run a marathon and then she still has all day to work.  She's lucky that I'm a nice person).  Finally Dr S arrives.  To appreciate this part, you have to understand that part of the reason why I like Dr S so much is that she is completely and absolutely unflappable.  She's this thin, tall, stunningly beautiful African American woman who could be a model and she just makes a person feel great even when they are miserable.  She runs into the room, gasping for breath, and says, "The cops were chasing me!  He had his lights on and everything!  But I just pulled into the parking lot and waved at him and ran up here."  So, frankly, we were all curious as to whether the police were going to show up as I delivered!  She jumped into her clothes, watched me give a practice push, put on her gloves, and 2 pushes later Rachel arrived.  That part was rather, um, painful!  Had one tiny tear, but with the speed that she arrived, I find that pretty understandable.


Rachel is bigger than my other babies by almost a pound, but is sleepier too.  Nurses well, and is generally content to sleep whenever she is not eating.  In fact, I really ought to go wake her after writing this novel.  I want to tell everybody that I thought about you all as I labored.  It really was a comfort knowing that you likely had noticed my absence and realized this was it for me.  That made this last delivery (I asked dh if he was scheduled for his appointment as I breathed through those last contractions) special.

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I'm so glad the dr made it on time!  What an exciting story - I'm glad she came (relatively) quickly.  We'd love to see some pictures once you have a chance....


Congratulations again!

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So cool!  joy.gif Congratulations Ellen.love.gif

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I love it!!

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I want to know what pants your dh was wearing! :wink

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