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Is it possible he didn't notice me pumping?

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Usually I escape to a locked room to pump, but forgot my work keys today and had to pump in my normal classroom.  So a student just walked in while I was pumping, asked me a question, handed me a paper, and walked out. 


Is it possible he didn't notice me pumping?  Middle school kids are not known for their discretion, but he didn't seem to act any different than his usual attitude.  I don't have it all hanging out, but my shirt is rucked up a bit, and of course the pump is going "whirr sigh whirr sigh"....  I leaned forward a bit so that I was sort of "hiding" behind my laptop, so there wasn't much to see.   I HATE when I forget my keys but it is pump or leak everywhere, and normally I get zero visitors during my off hours.  Murphy's law.  The day I forget my keys is the day I have a visitor. greensad.gif 


So what do you all think?  Any chance he really didn't notice?  Although breast milk expression is a major concern of my daily life, I know it is far from the thoughts of your average middle school kid.  Here's hoping!   I'm mortified....

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Something similar happened to me a few weeks ago! The pumping room was taken (I share it with a few other nursing mamas) and I was desperate so I used my office. I can't lock it but I made a little sign reading, "Privacy Please" and wouldn't you know it, 5 minutes into my "session" a male co-worker stops by to ask me a question. We're friendly with one another so he assumed the sign didn't pertain to him and just barged on in. I was pretty covered up. I had a shawl over my chest but the tubes were clearly visible snaking out and over to the pump which was going full speed. This guy just starts chatting away oblivious. Cheeks aflame, I finally pointed to the pump and said, "Um, look, I'm kind of busy here..."  He didn't get it for a moment and then suddenly he said, "Oh! Oops, I'm sorry!", steps out of my office but continues to try and hold a conversation from the hall.


Anyhow, yes, it is definitely possible for someone to be standing less than 2 feet away from you and not notice you're pumping!!!

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oh gosh! I can see how the middle schooler may not have noticed, but the coworker! Jeeze! I could never let down to the pump when I was stressed. I need a safe place.

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I'd like to think that he grew up around nursing/pumping mums and so didn't think anything of it. :D Wishful thinking, at least!

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When I was pumping, I shared an office, and I just did it with my officemate in our office.  We are a small office of 9 women, and while I could have gone into the conference room, she didn't mind me doing it with her in there.  She used to call it "booby time" and the noise of the pump really became like white noise to her.


I've also pumped in the car with co-workers or colleagues (people I work with but who work for different agencies, don't worry, I asked them if they minded first), and often made phone calls while pumping.  Someone on the other end once asked if I was playing video games?!


This time around, I have my own office, but I'll still talk on the phone and my co-workers will probably come in from time to time

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Yes, it is entirely possible and very likely for a middle school student and/or an adult work colleague not to notice.  This happened to me many times in the past.  One of my students (okay, not middle student) but college age, thought it was a dialysis machine because of the sound of the pump?

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It's very possible he didn't notice it at all!  I wouldn't worry a second about it.  I just finished a week-long business trip and pumped just about everywhere you could think of - in a taxi, on an airplane, in auditoriums, classrooms, and funniest place of all... in a meeting with the director of an important program I needed to connect with... I suggested I could just use the adjacent lounge and close the door - but she insisted I could just pump away while we talked - she's 'been there done that' and it was no big deal to her.  The taxi I pumped in had a male driver who has a one-year old at home... I was amazed at how chill everyone was about it.  And this all happened in Beijing... I now know how to say 'breastpump' in Chinese. :)

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seems like he was oblivious

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It sounds like he flat out had no clue! Although, he could've grown up in a house where breast feeding and breast pumps are the norm! Just the other day my 3 year old randomly said, "Mommy? Do you remember when baby sister used to eat your boobs?" LMAO. I was like, "Yes, I do." I was waiting for the next part of the question, but that was it... she just wanted to make sure I remembered!

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For a 12-14 year old boy -- he was clueless.


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Originally Posted by Marsupialmom View Post

For a 12-14 year old boy -- he was clueless.


Yes, he seriously was. And this is one instance that I'm very, very glad a middle school kid was zoned out. Most of the time it drives me bonkers, but this time it was in my favor. Thank goodness!
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