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Baby pinching while nursing - so.annoying.

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DS (5 months) has developed a new habit which is driving me crazy- he pinches my breast while he nurses. He puts his hand right up close to where he's sucking and sort of just digs his finger and thumb in there. This is compounded by the fact that his nails seem to always be really sharp, whether or not I've just cut them. So my breast is getting dug into by little claws while we nurse.

When I gently try to remove his hand it goes right back. If I try to hold and kiss his hand, he pulls it away and gets all squirmy. He also gets squirmy and starts kicking his legs if I try to gently hold his arm to his body. It's happened twice now that I, quite unconsciously, pushed his hand away with a jerky motion and said 'STOP IT!' in a pretty loud, firm voice. He just looked up at me totally surprised and confused. I felt terrible! I know it's not his fault and he's not doing it to annoy me.

Any tricks I can use to help keep his hand from pinching my boob while he nurses? Much appreciated!

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I still have this problem with DS (19 mos). I think some people have luck with a nursing necklace or some kind of soothie toy. DS never had any interest in a soothie. At 5 mos, I could sometimes get him to hold onto my finger instead of kneading on my boob. DS does it worst when he's really tired or not feeling well. Now he is a twiddler-wanna-be (with the other nip). I try to prevent that by covering the other boob; it's super-annoying. I guess you could do that on the same boob he's nursing on--just put your hand underneath his. I wish I knew a magic answer!

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I have the same problem with my 4-month-old.  No interest in a nursing necklace yet, but I usually put a burp cloth on his shoulder before nursing to catch spray/drips/spit-up (I have OALD) and sometimes he will grab onto that as he likes grabbing soft cloths.  Otherwise I try to get him to hold my fingers.

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Same here.  My 4month old has been doing that since 1month old.  I usually just grab her hand and sorta "make"her grab my finger which sometimes works.  But most of the time I have to pull my shirt down all the way to her mouth (hiding nipple) when she nurses.  When I do that she grabs onto the shirt and seems content.  Now, when I forget to pull down my shirt she reaches up to grab my shirt.  I think she just likes to grab material or anything for that matter.

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My son is 10 weeks and I've already started him with a nursing necklace. I'm hoping to keep the pinching/hair pulling/other nipple tweaking at bay with it. I wear it when we are awake and *I* put his hand on it so he can hold it. If I don't have it on then I put his hand on the neckline of my shirt for him to hold. 


I of course have no clue if this is going to deter him from doing unwanted behavior during nursing. Fingers crossed though!! 

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How about putting socks on his hands?

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I've been giving my son a little stuffed animal to knead and handle while breastfeeding and so far it seems to be working. DS, Bartholomew the stuffed dog and I all snuggle up together and DS plays with Bartholomew while he nurses. Maybe the bruises and pinch marks will go away now.

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