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Birthing in Tijuana?

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Have any of you near San Diego heard of birth experiences in Tijuana?


I've had both of my LO's in San Diego but would like to birth down here (we are in MX).  However, from my understanding, there are no birth centers in the state of Baja California.  Midwives are only allowed to work in hospitals and birth certificates can only be obtained in a hospital in this part of Mexico.


We have had great experiences at the birth center in SD but it's the expense (no US insurance) and the drive once I'm in labor.


Also, has anyone heard anything about Birth Roots?  Sarah attended the birth of DS with another midwife and I'd heard about an idea of something starting closer to the border so I am very interested. smile.gif

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COOL! I'm not the only one in Mexico redface.gif I live between TJ and Rosarito on the ocean, where are you?
I had my baby at Mary Birch in SD, which was AMAZING, I can't say enough goodthings about it. I don't know what you are looking for, but Ive learning that in Mexico you can get anything you want if you pay for it, and it will cost very little. It just takes some digging.

My only real suggestion is if you do HB, make sure you have back up lined up. have all the emergency info ready. the ambulances are good and can be fast depending where you live. its not something you want to figure out when its happening.
there are several hospitals that are nice, the private ones are best but the General hospital in Rosarito (by Comercial Mexicana/toll road/ Benito Juaz) is actually pretty nice, low tech but clean. You are likely to get a hands off doc there, but again, you can get anything you want if you ask enough and have US$s.

I wish I could be more helpful, but I had to post! II went to SD because of insurance, but would like to have my next here so I can get them dual citizenship.

I I'll ask around for you, post if you find anything out.
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I'm 24w3d right now and I've been seeing Sarah and Darynee at Birth Roots.  I love them so much! We're planning a homebirth in UTC (near UCSD) and I'm really excited about it. You should really give them a call and see what they say about birthing in TJ. I don't know if thier licenses reach that far but they may have some other resources for you. How far along are you?

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Sorry it took me so long to reply!  I've been traveling and of course December is such a busy month anyway.:)


I am just TTC right now, but doing the research ahead as we are --optimistically--trying to plan for 2011.   I did send out an email to Birth Roots and received a nice and helpful reply.  Once I am pregnant I'll contact them again and set up a consultation...


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Hi, Sraplayas,


I wanted to ask you a few questions about travelling across and birthing the baby in SD, 


can you pls write me to my email if you have a chance? earlylearningworld@gmail.com


We are both US citizents, but live in Rosarito. Wanted to have the baby in San Diego, had previous home births in Los Angeles, before we moved. Since you have done that already I had a few questions. Can you please send me your email?


Thank you!!

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