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Feeling so frustrated...

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So in thinking about the next two weeks of being past my due date, I am getting kind of worked up about things.


There are so many women I know who do nothing to prepare for birth, they don't even think about it and they just go into labor and have their babies.


Here I sit with all the suggestions....


have sex

take a walk

take homeopathics

get accupuncture

use the breast pump

take EPO


I don't want to do any of these things.  We are supposed to trust our bodies to work, right?  I am taking EPO and the homeopathics.  I don't want to have sex- things are swollen and uncomfortable, I don't want to sit around and use a breast pump for twenty minutes an hour.  But I'm afraid if I don't at least try these things, then I will be sitting here at 42 weeks and going in to get induced.


This sucks.

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DDCC - (the smilie for hug that I normally use isn't working) Your estimated due date was 2 days ago.  Its not going to be forever and its not an expiration date.  90% of babies are born within two weeks of their due date, more of those AFTER the due date than before.  You're right on track.  The next 11 days before you get to 42w may feel like an eternity but it is a whole 11 different days you could start your birth process!

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