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Does anyone check their cervix?

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I got curious because I have been having a lot of BH and some feel more productive than others. I read online that a pregnant cervix feels like lips puckered up for a kiss which I definitely felt and I could put my finger in. Sorry TMI!


So I asked my husband to check as well. I know he got all the way to my cervix and he said felt a pulse which I also felt while he was checking. He said it was fast and he thought it was the baby but I can't imagine how he could feel the baby's pulse unless my waters had already broken and the head was right there and he was feeling the pulse on the head. I am thinking he just felt my pulse.


So I am wondering is anyone else checking or has checked in the past? I read somewhere else it is common after a few pregnancies to have a softer cervix. What I felt was completely soft and spongy and not firm at all and like I said I could get one finger in. It didn't feel too thin though which is a good thing at this point. 

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yup, i do. my BH are pretty bad. i usually can't feel my cervix though, which is most likely good news. the docs checked my cervix twice in the past week (i had some problems) and i'm apparently fine. i guess if i feel anything at all, that's the time to worry!

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I haven't tried yet.  I will, but I usually do it closer to my due date.  It's pretty cool when the head is super low and engaged and you can actually feel that hard lump.

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Wow, I can never feel my cervix after ovulation, and in pregnancy it is near impossible.  I have pretty short fingers though.

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I've never been able to reach my cervix.  It's too high.  I once had a doctor say, "Let me know if I get to your tonsils first" while he was in there eyesroll.gif (another reason I like female gynos).


I wish I could feel it.  This baby is putting so much pressure down below I'm starting to feel paranoid. 

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We try to leave my cervix alone as much as possible. Unless I am IN labor, nobody touches it... lest I end up in labor.

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I tried when I was having a lot of low cervical cramps and watery wetness down there last week, and couldn't even reach it! Just a tunnel that went on and on, and I have LONG fingers.

Probably just as well I couldn't.

The low cervical cramps and pain went away, and I have my midwife appt today, but she doesn't do cervical checks because they really don't reveal anything useful in most cases... for instance, if your cervix is opening, all knowing that can do is make you scared, but when you actually go into labor is still not indicated by the cervix, because women can walk around partly dilated and fully effaced for weeks or even months ahead of time. My mother was dilated to 3 for months before she had me and each check just makes problems more likely, and checking can't stop anything from happening that is going to, but it sure can make a mother scared and tense, which can also have repercussions.


This is one of those areas where it may be better not to know, since knowing doesn't mean anything but extra worry, and doesn't affect the outcome unless it's a situation where cerclage or something is necessary and desired.


I'm planning a second homebirth (HBAC last time) and my midwife doesn't even do cervical checks in labor unless the mother requests one, or possibly if there were some indication to do one.

But she doesn't do them as a routine matter, because contrary to obstetric belief, the cervix doesn't change at some linear, steady pace, so feeling around up there and causing the mother pain, risking breaking the waters, etc, still doesn't give you any really useful information, and can cause anxiety if an expected result isn't found, which can then slow the labor needlessly.

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