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Yes. Well, kind of. I made some homemade blankets with the silky ribbon around them. I keep them with him all the time. Nursing, sleeping, in the car, at the store. I have some smaller ones for when he's in the crib but usually he's in the swing so I'm not worried about him putting it over his face. My reason for a lovey is just from my experience with my own and other kids. Both my daughters sucked something. DD1 sucked her fingers, DD2 sucked her blankie (burp rags I used). DD1 also had blankies (burp rags). DS1 had nothing. It was hard. He was fairly sick. Allergic colitis. Lots of screaming. Anemic by 6 mths. BAD separation anxiety. Nothing soothed him. I needed a break sometimes and there was nothing to help him. I finally kind of forced a cotton blanket on him. He still sleeps with those and they did end up helping soothe him by around age 2. I decided to give DS2 a pacifier. We started from day 1. No luck. I've tried every kind I can find. He just doesn't like them. AT ALL. SO, I've done the blankets. For me, I need them to have something that helps when I can't be with them. I co-sleep. I rarely am away from him. But, when I am, I want something familiar there. I work in the church nursery and have for several years. I've done daycare. I've nannied. I've just found that, most of the time, it helps kids to adjust when they have something to help them. Some kids seem to do fine without anything, but not many. Some kids don't mind whose it is or where it came from-a stuffed animal, a blanket, etc. But, I like having one that he always has, anywhere and everywhere, and I've made several so that if one gets lost it's okay. If ones dirty, no problem.  But, all this said, to each his own. Every family is different. Every child is different. Do whatever works for you. 


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My kiddo has a blankie my friend made her.  It is a fleece blanket with ribbon tags on it.  She got it when she was 2 or 3 months old.  I didn't intend to force attachment, but it was cute and a gift so I kept it around her as something she could hold and to keep her warm in the car.  I guess she naturally just eventually attached to it.  She has since made up a sign just for it (and it is the same sign for nursing for her... made up obviously haha)  I'm happy she attached to it.  It helps her sleep and it gives her something else to cuddle when she is unhappy or hurt.  I do think it helps calm her down more than if it were just me.  I hold her and she holds it.  She loves to play with one specific ribbon, especially when nursing to sleep.  She also uses it to put her toys 'to bed' and to pretend to clean.  It has monkeys on it and she loves monkeys.  Its just all around a good thing.  I very rarely forget to make sure it comes with us.  Its just part of the routine of making sure we have what we need... plus she often grabs it on her own anyway.  I keep track of it like I would another child.  No big deal to me.

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My daughter is almost 1 year old and she does have a lovey but it wasn't because I tried for it. She has been sleeping with her little pink, glowing seahorse since she was a tiny baby (maybe 3 or 4 months?) and it really helps her drift off to sleep. Anyway, she loves that silly thing and gets really excited when she sees it. It calms her down if she's really upset also. It's pretty cute, honestly.

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