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i use dr michael coffey in saugus (a 40 min drive for us, but worth it!!!)wink1.gif

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Hi Annie Thibodeau, I hope you can help me. We've just moved to Boston area and are looking for a pediatrician for our 2y old son. I can't find dr. Michael Coffey, MD anywhere. Not at Somerville or at a Saugus clinic. Is he still working? Do you still go see him?


If not. Do you or anyone else have an idea whom to go see in Boston area? We are willing to drive. We saw two docs already but they were not holistic or AP understanding at all and were not too happy about our vaccine decision. I tried to PM you but I don't have permission yet. If someone has a good referral please post here or PM me. Thx!


Help! Tamara

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