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I thought 66 was good,but you guys blow me away! Are your bills much lower since you have kept the temps down,or have you always kept them down low? I think a high bill for us last winter was around $240,but it should be better this year since our gas fee is half what it was last year.We had a locked in rate since 2005 when gas rates were much higher.


I feel your pain on the locked in rates.  Ours is locked in at a high rate until the spring.  I will NEVER sign a long term contract again!


We were able to heat our home in Ontario from Late October to Early May for $320 in wood.  The gas bill goes up sightly more in the winter because of the gas stove.  About $10 a month. I bake a lot in the winter.  We are insulating the basement in a few days I wonder how that will effect heating costs.

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We keep the heat between 64-68 degrees during the day.  In the morning it is at 68 for an hour and after 7pm it is at 68.  The other time it is at 64 degrees.  At night the heat is turned off. We have a super insulated house and without heat on even when freezing it doesn't go below 62.

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We keep it at 20C/68F during the day, 16C/60F during the night. I find it a tad cool but I'm always freezing. I just make sure I have my wool socks, slippers and big fleece top and I'm usually OK. DH and the boys find it fine... if anything, they get hot as they can wear t-shirts around the house no problem. DD and I are always cold and she usually wears her slippers and robe around the house. I also keep plenty of fleece throw blankets in the living and family rooms so if anyone gets chilled, they have something to cover up with.

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for a/c - 78 with occasional pushes down to 76 if it gets too hot.


For Heat - 68 with occasional ups 70 if we're cold. 74 if we're bathing as DD gets pneumonia very easily if she gets cold after a bath.

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At the place we are currently living we haven't had to turn the heat on yet, when we do we'll set it to 65*. It hasn't been terribly cold here yet and the temperature in our apartment at the moment is 72*. We moved here from a crappy rental house that was built poorly in 1960. We had the thermostat there set to 60* last winter and it ran constantly never warming the house above 50*, it sucked because it was abnormally cold here. We switched to heating the house with the heater and space heaters and were able to get the house up to 56*. Our high bill last winter was $400. This year we don't have to worry about a high bill because heat is included in our rent.

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It's good weather here nowadays, so no need for heat or aircon.


But, in the winter, when it gets down to about 15 (~ 59 F) we will often turn on the heaters when we are awake. My daughter's room is really cold sometimes (big window) so we sometimes do have a heater in there for when she sleeps - to keep it up to about 20 (68)

In the summer, I try not to put on the a/c until indoor temperatures are above 28 C (~ 82 F), but that depends on the humidity and DH and the children's complaints.

Since it never freezes here, we don't need to worry about heating the place when we are away from home.



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I have changed it recently due to the unusual warm temps but now its cold again.


Its around 58 from 11pm to 5:30am, then 62 from 5:30am to 10am; then 60 during the day; then 64 in the evening and back down to 58.

I am starting to wake up in the middle of the night a bit too cold, I either need to adjust the temps or get another blanket.


Its an automatic thermometer and in the winter it will be set to range from 62-68. But when we bathe at night, I put it up to 70-72.


I read that adjusting the temp is a bit helpful; but if you jack up the temps a lot (5+ degrees) it doesn't save you much money as the heater has to over work to make up the larger difference.

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I keep it at 65-67 during the day and 62 at night.

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We set the heat to 68 during the day and 65 at night.  I'm looking forward to having to turn it on....one of these days.  It's in the 80s here today, and I have the AC on because we're doing a lot of baking in prep for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I'm sweating! 

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62 during the day, and 50 at night. It's always been this way, even when the kids were babies. They don't care,  hot blooded kids gave it made.


But maybe once a week I crank it to 70 for a bit, just to feel toasty.


We are in New England.

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70, day and night.

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We had the basement insulated this past week and I just made pizza for dinner and my house is 22C/71F right now and I am roasting!  I had to open a few windows, lol.  I guess the insulation is working.

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We keep it at 66 pretty much all the time.  We, too, have an older home with oil heat.  This is our first year in the house, so we will see how it goes.  I occasionally turn it up when I have to be naked for extended periods of time, iykwim...

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