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Hi all,


I live in Canada. A friend of mine from Mexico and is helping organize a fundraiser for some communities in Mexico that were hit hard by flooding. They are showing a film "Heroes Verdaderos" which is an animated film in Spanish.


He has invited me and DH to bring our son (3.5 yrs) as he knows we have been learning Spanish and even though we won't understand everything, it's for a good cause.


We don't have tv and my son has watched very little in the way of DVDs (some Dora and Diego, Arthur, maybe one or two other things...) I am trying to figure out whether the film is at all appropriate for him - I know there is violence (sword fighting) because it is a historical recount of Mexico's independence. I am okay with explaining some of that to him. I have seen some trailers but they really show very little. I have found a few articles about it and used Google Translate to translate them into English (my Spanish is pretty basic). Nothing I have read indicates what age it would be appropriate for.


I'm wondering if anyone has seen it (or speaks Spanish and can find something online that I couldn't!) and could advise me either way.