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TeaJunkie-  How are you, did things progress?


I thought for sure I was going to be having a baby today.  Overnight I had great contractions for about 3 hours, then they stopped.  I go for my first accupuncture appt this afternoon- can it really work that fast!!!!


It is time for some laboring around here!!


I haven't had the baby yet but I have high hopes for today!  The acupuncture sure did something though because I was 3cm and -1 station today as opposed to 1cm and -3 before the acupuncture.  The MW stretched me a bit (yay, fun!) but didn't want to sweep my membranes because I'm GBS+.


I have had more painful contractions since the MW appt and I go get acupuncture again in 1.5 hours.  I hope this does it because I have until midnight to be in active labor or I have no chance of delivering at the birth center!!  fingersx.gif


I really hope it the acupuncture works for you, too!  There is still time to have a baby today!!  goodvibes.gif

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hope it's working for you tea junkie!!!!


I'm seriously debating castor oil right now but know I will most likely chicken out, not to mention I don't have any. Each day seems to be dragging on and on and on at this point. I wish I could just chill out, but it's just not happening.

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i need to witch too demon.gif  (confession - i'm only 3 days past my EDD) but i am going out of my head with the wait.  it's my fault - i was a couple of days before my EDD with both of my boys, and only a day or 2 after with my daughter.  so, i figured i would go a day or 2 before this time too (i'm having a boy). 


things are so different this time around too - nearly 2 weeks of prodromal labour - it's head-wrecking, and at this point, discouraging >:(  with my other 3 kids, there was a clear start to labour, and it was pretty much: lose mucus plug, start contractions, have baby.  just goes to show that it can really be different no matter your history.


my MW appt 2 weeks ago had my cervix, soft, midline and 1cm dilated.  good.  last week my cervix was forward, effaced (nearly all the way) and i was 2 cms AND baby's head was engaged.  GREAT!  i figured that birth would be within 2 days of that since usually with subsequent kids, when the head is engaged, things are good to go.  AAARGHHH!  apparently not this time hammer.gifi see my MW again tomorrow...i am VERY tempted to have a stretch n' sweep.  but i might not.  i have always said that baby knows when s/he is ready.  i just don't know at this point.  i'm annoyed cuz last week was gorgeous weather for here (manitoba) and everything was ready, the house was (emphasis on WAS) clean, and we were all healthy.  now the weather is colder (no big surprise, but still), house is dirty and we're all fighting off colds!Cuss.gifthat fact will probably make me decline the sweep - i can't imagine how much it would suck to sorta keep my kids away from the new baby; they're very eager to meet the new one too!  it will make me sad indeed to have to semi-restrict access to baby due to excessive sneezing/coughing.bawling.gif


i am so discouraged and ticked off. splat.gifnow i am thinking that all the stress is preventing labour from starting.  gah!!!


my heart goes out to all of you who are much further along in the waiting game than i - especially those who are fighting the "induction clock" praying.gif

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aww mama's! (((HUG)))


teajunkie, i saw my mw today and she checked me too (im a stretchy 4cm!) and did a S&S.. which didn't hurt and she said she probably didn't do it vigorously enough but she was worried about to hurting me.. im going back to see her again tomorrow for another one.

she has a training set up for thursday for 5 days away from town..it is only going to be an hour away but I really want to have the baby before then, so im going to go get them done everyday till she goes..not sure if it did much though. i havnt even had any bloody show :( that said, my sil and i went to the hotsprings a few km away tonight and had a nice long soak and swim in the cold rain and i feel so much happier and more zen. and im having contractions tonight which is good, right? it can only bring me closer to holding my sweet baby.


pom: its hard, no matter how many days past you are when you had an expectation to go earlier.. im so there right now. <3


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accupuncture yesterday- bloody show this morning- must have been having contractions last night- I had a little cloth with lavender and clary sage under my pillow, so I slept really well


using the breast pump this morning and have accupuncture again today


here's hoping....

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Yay Meghan - I hope this is the start of it!

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I hope it works Meghan!!!! I may go in for some acupuncture today too:)

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Well, today's my due date, so I'm going to consider myself part of the club. :) I thought I would go early considering it's my third (don't ask me why I thought that..lol) but now that I've reached my dd, I'm soooo ready.  My midwife has a little bit of a cold so it's best if this baby can wait a couple days, but that doesn't make it any easier on me. 

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goodvibes.gif Meghan!


avasmom, I hope the acupuncture helps things get going! I may need to go visit my Chinese Dr. friend in the next few days if nothing starts happening..sadly she just moved out of town, but she isn't super far away..


lisalee: happy EDD! love.gif



41+1.. still pregnant. no sign of baby. going on for another S&S at 10:45, then chiro at 11:10..then MotherCare group..so at least the morning will be full and i wont have to think about not having had a baby yet.. Im working on another hat for myself, but its going rather more slowly than the last 2 i just knit in one day each.. my inspiration is waning. I will probably come home and clean house again. I havn't really done much other than dishes and some laundry in a few days and things are not up to birthing standards..dp works tonight (yay, i need him out of the house for a while) maybe i will bake a cake in hopes that we have a birthday to celebrate in the next day or two...


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