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Ovulating for 5 days in a row!?

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Hi everyone...


I had a MC about 7 weeks ago. Midwife said to wait until my first cycle to start trying again. I got AF Oct. 21 so I'm on day 23 of my cycle. Prior to this pregnancy my cycles were not consistant lengths. I would go 28 days most months but have the occasional 32 or 34 day cycle.


At any rate, we've been using ovulation strips (which were successful for us in the pregnancy that ended in MC) and we decided to start trying this cycle. My ovulation strips have been showing positive for 5 DAYS! I don't get it...this isn't possible, right? They usually show positive for two days when the surge is happening.


Anyone ever have this? Anyone think it's possible that I'm ovulating more than one egg? Anyone ever get "faulty" ovulation testing strips? Also, since this is day 23 of my cycle and it's still showing ovulation, I'd have to be having at LEAST a 33 day cycle in order for this potential pregnancy to stick (unless we conceived during one of the early ovulation days). Anyone ever have an abnormally long cycle after a MC?


Any feedback would be terrific! Thanks.

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So sorry to hear of your loss. greensad.gif
Two possibilities come to mind
- do you know if your post mc beta went to zero?
- could you, in fact, have a new pg in there?
I ask bc opks look for LH, but can cross read Hcg, so what looks like a pos opk can, in theory be a pos pg test.
It happened to me. I started getting pos opks on cd22, I had been using them all cycle but had not had a pos. Got 4 days in a row before I decided to break out a hpt, on the suggestion of mammas on here.. It was way pos.
Id test if I were you.
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Hi BabyGrey--thanks for the post! I love this forum so much.


I have no idea about my beta--i don't even know what that is! But the ovulation test strips were showing negative until about 5 days ago and this is the 6th day in a row that it's VERY positive. If the betas hadn't gone down to zero, would the ovulation test strips have been showing positive all along? (I use the 30-day kind, not the 7-day kind so I'm taking them every day of my cycle). The test line is actually darker than the control line for the 6th day in a row now.


What is the beta? Is that the HgC levels? It would be such as blessing if we were pregnant already! I just don't want to get my hopes up. If I'm on a 28 day cycle and I somehow ovulated earlier than expected, then AF would be due in 5 days...which would be early enough to test for a BFP.....hmmm....

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sorry, that was kind of an overwhelming post I made. Sorry to confuse you. :shy

okay. Here's a link to an article about what I was talking about: http://www.peeonastick.com/opkhpt.html


But, basically this: HCG is the thing pg tests look for. Your "beta" is a lab test that shows how high your HCG is. It can take a while for your HCG to return to nothing after a loss, which is why I asked if you had had it checked. (some careproviders check betas and some don't)


Now, LH is the thing ovulation tests look for. But, here's the interesting thing- ovulation tests can also pick up HCG (the pg hormone). So. what that means is when the ovulation test is positive, you don't know if it is positive bc of LH or postive bc of HCG. Does that make some sense?


I'm no medical expert, just a veteran ttc'er, but I can't imagine a reason you would have gotten negative results all month on your ovulation tests and now SIX positives. I don't want to get your hopes up if they shouldn't be, but, assuming you don't have a batch of faulty opks (maybe that's possible, I guess?), I would think it was safe for you to take a test at least. (if the ovulation test is + and you are pg, the pregnancy test would for sure be positive by now)


Much luck to you, mama. Keep me posted, for sure.

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I'm also by no means an expert, but I think the way it works is that your body produces LH as it's gearing up to ovulate. But if ovulation is delayed or doesn't happen in a given month, for whatever reason, I think the LH may hang around a bit longer than usual until you do ovulate, or else have an anovulatory cycle. So if ovulation was delayed for you this month, I would think you still have/had a chance of catching the egg. Either way I would think you might have a longer than normal cycle this month, reflecting the delayed ovulation. Or I guess it's always a possibility that you're ovulating twice - I don't really know much about that. Good luck!

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Sorry for your loss.
to answer your question, i don't think 5 days of positive OPKs indicate ovulation for 5 days. 
A positive OPK indicates ovulation within 12-48 hours. But it also doesn't guarantee ovulation going on- only the surge that is supposed to trigger it.
Are you temping/charting as well? That is usually the best way to pinpoint ovulation.
If this is yoru first cycle post m/c maybe it is possible that your OPK is actually picking up a pregnnacy (I've heard the first cycle post m/c can be "extra fertile")
So if you are sure all 5 days are truly positive OPKs I'd be tempted to take an HPT. the only time I have seen greater than 4 days of positives is when it is picking up HCG.
Good luck!

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Sorry for your losss. But my first though also was that your newly pregnant.  I had this happen i had like 5days of + opks

i was missing temps and thinking i didn't O yet but i had and finally took a hpt at what was really 14dpo.


 I'd take a pregnancy test

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amo4, update? how are things?
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hi babygrey!


well, AF was due yesterday and nothing yet! I am anxiously waiting to hear back from my MW to see if my levels were zero. I would not want to get a BFP and then find out the hcg was leftover from the MC. i remember her taking blood but don't remember all the results so thought i'd call her to find out if i should test.


Thanks for checking in! You can bet there will be a HUGE post here if I end up taking a hpt and getting a bfp!!! :)

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Hi I am new to this sight, but I would like to reply to the lady who is ovulating for 5 days. I am 39 years of age and my very first pregnancy was an eptopic. I caught this just in time and was given the injection to get rid.  3 months later I was pregnant from the same ovary and the baby was in the right place.  Unfortunately I had a miss carriage at 7 weeks. I have been having acupuncture to help unblock my tubes and as my Chinese acupuncture lady says my kidney energy is low and the acupuncture will help to balance my yin and yan and warm the uterus up. I have notices that my periods are less heavy and no clotting this time since doing acupuncture. my question  is that I am in the same boat as the lady I have been doing my Clearblue ovulation for 5 days and it is still coming up positive so I thought the same as the other lady’s and took a pregnancy test unfortunately it came up negative. Anyone pregnancy test show up a week after even though Clearblue digi keeps showing up ovulating. Don’t want to get my hope up


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I'm curious because your case is almost exact to mine. Did you get your BFP? Did you have a late period i'm having possitive tests for 6 days in a row also. Just wondering your update. Tanks M

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Hi there Ladies! I know these posts were in Nov, but I am having the same thing happen....opk 5th day in a row + with clearblue easy advanced ov test....anyone get a bfp?

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