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Someone please tell me I'm not alone having hemorrhoids at the very end of my pregnancy mecry.gifI've never had hemorrhoids, and damn they are more unpleasant than I could have imagined.  And I'm starting to really freak out about giving birth because the thought of all that pushing when I already have a hemorrhoid...huh.gif Can someone please reassure me that they've BTDT and it's not as bad as I'm worried it will be?  Anyone have any suggestions on what to do in the meantime so I'm not in so much discomfort?  I have witch hazel pads that seemed to work at first, but now it's gotten worse and they're not doing much :(  Help!

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Out of three vaginal births, I only had trouble with hemorrhoids post partum (even though I had them during each pregnancy) for one birth.  It was the most difficult birth that involved a lot of forced pushing, 14.5 inch head and baby wrapped up in cord.  For the other births, I didn't push too much, let my body do it and had no terrible hemorrhoid issues afterwards-even though I was afraid I would and one of these babies had sticky shoulders.  I have found that putting witchhazel on cotton balls and freezing them is very helpful before and after delivery in keeping them small and under control.  Hope this helps!

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You're not alone!


I can't say I've found anything that really helps other than witch hazel pads to soothe and trying not to get constipated.

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I didn't have any hemorrhoids at all with my first pregnancy -- but I got them after the birth, because of very ineffective and strenuous pushing. I've had them through most of this pregnancy, though. I'm hoping to let my body do most of the pushing this time, or at least be about to push more effectively.


I tried everything Walgreen's sells for hemorrhoids (including witch hazel) and NOTHING touched the pain or discomfort. Then someone suggested Earth Mama Angel Baby's "Earth Mama Bottom Balm." This stuff is AWESOME...I can't preach it enough. It's totally relieved the pain of the hemorrhoids and I'm so thankful I found out about it.

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Definitely not alone! I had them badly with my last three.  I must say that a vitamin E capsule inserted once in awhile sounds horrific, but does help.  Just make sure to lube it with more vit E or oil/vaseline first. ;)  

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Ugh, I was pondering posting about this when I logged on today and saw this thread. Ive never had a hem. in my life and Ive got one now. Im not sure why, I only pushed a few times...

But its so freaking painful that Im afraid to go potty-not fair! And I also highly highly recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby postpartum products-they are saving my butt right now!!! Theres a spray and a balm, I love having both, the balm is great for soothing all the tissues down there and helping everything shrink down, and the spray is really nice and soothing too and great for when you dont have time to apply balm-just a quick spray during pad changing time and you just feel so.much.better.


Ugh but do these hem. go away or?

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Mine went away within 48 hours pp.

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