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Lets chat Nov 13-20

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Hello ladies


I am 9 weeks today. My symptoms have lessened quite a bit, but I think I have been so busy that I just am not focusing on them as much. Still pretty tired by nighttime and heaven help me when I take my bra off at night. It almost makes me cry my boobs hurt so bad.


I am in a city 2.5 hours away from where we live right now because my husband is in the hospital recovering from a bowel resection. My kids are with grandparents and I miss them terribly, also knowing if they were here it would be horrible. I really need to focus on Kev right now.

My oldest also had his tonsils out last Friday but he is healing up well. Overall its been a pretty stressful week. I told Kev that I want a week next month that is ALL about me...:lol


I am having my first prenatal appointment in around 3 weeks :)


How is everyone else doing?

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Goodness, what a week, Vanessa!  I hope you're hanging in there!  I hope you can find some good things in this time with your DH.  Sorry you have to be away from your babies!  Wow.  I hope you get your break soon!  Although your DH could probably use some not-painful-recovery time of his own too.  Maybe you two will be able to get away for a weekend or something.  We haven't left DD overnight EVER and we definitely plan to remedy that before we have baby #2!


I am 11 weeks today/tomorrow.  I really can't believe it.  Being that the majority of my friends/loved ones don't know yet, it just seems to be flying by.  I also am having a lessening of nasea.  Yay!  It still hurts to nurse, though.  We have an appointment next Thursday, and I am excited to hear the heartbeat!

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8w5d here.  I had my first midwife appointment yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat :)  Now it seems much more real.  The nausea is coming and going in waves.  Thankfully the tiredness isn't as bad as it was at this time with DD because I'm working full time this time around and a full time student!  Yikes.  I'm just glad this babe isn't coming until June, I'll have a solid 2mo after I graduate.

Hope it's a great week for all.  Yeah Fall is arriving!

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I'm 12.5w now; feeling regular kicks, still nauseous as all hell, and had a 'dating' ultrasound that lasted all of 10 minutes. It was very wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am and the tech was totally rude! They have so many rules now since they enacted that money grab for knowing the gender that you're not even allowed to make small talk with the technician. Even a simple, "Am I allowed to ask what the heartrate is?" was returned with a sharp, "When I do it I'll tell you". Yikes!

If the hyperemesis gravidum wasn't a problem, I'd honestly have almost no symptoms: my tiredness is fine, my appetite is fine, cravings are present but controllable, my breasts only *just* started getting sore and swollen but it's not enough to be too notable... if I'd just stop being paralyzed with debilitating nausea 9-15 hours a day it'd be great! I'm on 9+ Diclectin a day along with back up doses of Gravol and it's barely contained. I just got a batch of Zofran in but I don't want to start on it unless I have to, since it's so constipating (I already have seriously bad issues with IBS and I don't want to push it!).


Currently loving sushi and chocolate milk. I was telling my friends I'm so glad I'm not the "what to expect" paranoid type... or else I'd never survive this pregnancy! Sushi is my friend! :)

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Not much here, finished up two kiddies birthdays. My birthday is the 18th, I will be 37! I feel wiser, but otherwise like my long ago 20y/o self. I am sewing napkins for Thanksgiving and then the kids are going to embroider felt leaves and pumpkins to match our table runner we made last year. I have been having decent days, not feeling fabulous, but not like death either. I am so thankful to unisom and b-6. Our house offer seems to be falling apart. Just days after we submitted an offer for a house in WI, a farm, another family also submitted an offer and now it looks like the owners might accept theirs instead. I feel sad and frustrated about as this is the third house we have tried to buy and something or other have happened. Trying not be too frustrated and just working on accepting God's plan for this.

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hug2.gif Mamatoabunch. I hope all the house stuff works out. I love that you are doing all that crafty stuff with your kids, that is totally one of my dreams, that my child or children will want to do that stuff with me. Some of my best childhood memories are of making christmas decorations with my mom.

My birthday is the 17th so hello fellow Scorpio redface.gif. I have my next MW appointment on that day too, so should hopefully hear the heartbeat for my birthday!


Littleteapot Its amazing to me how rude medical techs and nurses can be sometimes. Here's hoping you feel better soon!

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9 weeks today as well. I had an ultrasound on Tuesday for dating purposes. We LOVED seeing our little babe and hearing the heartbeat! It was amazing! My DH cried like a baby! I was really excited and in awe but didn't cry, got teary-eyed though. The heart rate is 161, so the old wives tale of over 150 means its a girl. My DH said that he felt like it was a girl, and I told him that I feel like its a girl as well. We were slightly leaning towards a boy, but would definitely be thrilled with either. We'll find out the gender before birth.

Luckily, we had a great ultrasound tech! Littleteapot, I'm sorry yours was rude! I think they forget how a big deal ultrasounds can be for mommas and dads.


We announced it on Facebook on Tuesday as well, so that was very cool to read everyone's responses. My nausea is better but I'm more tired. I go to bed at 10pm ish and my DH comes to bed at 2am or 3am and wakes me up, then I have a super hard time going back to sleep, even after I eat something. I've learned to manage my nausea, I can't have an empty stomach and when something I'm eating, or order at a restaurant, makes me sick, I can't try to finish it. I love spicy food though! Nothing is too spicy!


We interviewed a midwife two weeks ago that have privileges at the birth center I want. I still need to tour the birth center and will probably consequently interview another midwife. We'll probably stay with the one we interviewed with first. She didn't even flinch when I dropped the f-bomb. lol. My DH was a sailor so he swears like a sailor and now so do I from living with him. I figured I'll probably be swearing up a storm during labour, so I need a midwife and doula who doesn't even blink a eye at my colourful language. blush.gif I liked her philosophies and attitude, so that's key. She's pro parents making educated decisions, and she's willing to give her biases, but won't force anything down your throat.


Have a good weekend everyone!

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I love hearing how everyone is doing. Vanessa, wow, what a week you've had! Babs, how RUDE. I hope your nausea becomes less frequent soon! I remember you from a long time ago, here or on LJ, Tempest and Iris are close in age I believe. Annabelle, I am sorry about your house.


I am 9 weeks 5 days and I am tired still, so tired, especially in the late afternoon/evening. The heartburn is kicking in to keep the burping company. lol The morning sickness seems to be kicking up a notch, the smell of baking cupcakes a few days ago made me run for the bedroom and breakfast this morning smelled so.strong. to me that I couldn't eat it. I didn't think it would get worse at this point, guess you never know!


I have finally arrived at acceptance about this pregnancy, and about this baby. It was such a shock, and shook me to the core, and once I made peace with putting adoption plans on hold I still wasn't really believing it. It was kind of like being half awake for a while there. I would say that I was pregnant but part of me would be rolling eyes and thinking "Yeah, right". It was a strange place to be for me, it was not real. Now it is real and I am very glad for it.


How is everyone sleeping now? What sounds good to eat?



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I am 11 weeks today banana.gifand very happy!  I thought I have felt flutters but not banking on it yet.  MS went away at 10 weeks but still sore boobs and sleepy.  I have gone back to the middle of the night wake ups again which are driving me crazy! Next appt. is Nov. 30 and we will hear the heartbeat...again for the third time and the the 18 weeks level 2 is Jan. 6. The time is cranking and once I hear the heartbeat at my 13 week appt.  I will rest more because that means three good heartbeats and a welcome to the second trimester!  I freak out when I think about how my MS is already gone.


Vanessa, that is a full plate.  I hope you get the needed rest you deisre!


Mamatoabunch, we went through that 6.5 years ago with our farm here.  We had lost three other places we put bids on because the market was so hot and they all became bidding wars.  We gave up on this one and our realtor offered to give up her commission and add it to our bidding price just so we would get it.  And sure enough it was enough for them to accept.  Hey, if it is someone elses money, why not?


Sagewinna, still having shock moments here.  We will be sitting in bed and DH will giggle and say "I still can't figure out how this happened."




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I think I officially have the flu... or something equally as yucky. It seems to be progressively getting worse. I have a drs. appt. on Thursday so I'm going to try and hold out until then, but only if the elephant sitting on my chest doesn't get heavier lol


I'm somewhere around 10 weeks...I was measuring "small" at the ER ultrasound I had back at 7 weeks, so my dates could be off.


It would just beat all to end up in the hospital while I'm on stress leave from work. Would definately solidify in my mind the need for me to quit.

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I guess you know you're really pregnant when the sex dreams change to food dreams!?!  :lol  I've had two food dreams in the last two days.  The first one I was at some sort of buffet and I was ordering chicken strips, garlic mashed potatoes, and applesauce YUMMMM.  :lol  Then the other dream I was eating stale puffcorn and drinking lots of really cold fresh water.  I woke up so thirsty!  I went and had a big glass of water but I still wanted the puffcorn.  I decided the last thing I needed right now was empty calories though.  :p  Morning sickness is waning but every now and then it still hits me.  :irked


Besides that, things are fine here.  Still getting settled in.  We get our bed tomorrow!  Finally!  We need to figure out if insurance will cover a homebirth or not.  If not, my husband doesn't want a homebirth.  For the sole reason of money.  Even though we can easily afford to pay out of pocket.  I don't get it.  I guess money is not that important to me.  I guess we will see.  If we end up going to the hospital midwives (where insurance will pay 100%) I will be preparing for an unassisted birth too.  I'm hoping that if things go well we will just stay home.  Lots of logistics to work out though.


:Hug to those of you going through hard times right now.  I hope everyone feels better and things work out soon!

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What's puffcorn? Like popcorn? That does sound good.


I keep thinking my nausea is going away, having one good day, then being miserable again. Still struggling with what to eat. Nothing sounds good still. I'm really hoping this will be done soon so I can get back to my normal, healthy eating. Saltines and chocolate graham crackers constantly has me worried that I'm getting enough protein. Protein foods do not sound good, though I had some tasty tofu stir fry on Friday.


I meet my midwife on Wednesday, have my sono on Thursday. I'll be 9 weeks on Tuesday. Did I mention last week that we told DS? He wants a sister, he keeps saying. We look at sono pics together, the week by week ones. He likes The Bump thing showing what fruit the baby is sized at this week. I'm sort of surprised he hasn't mentioned it to anyone. None of our family knows yet. My mom and my aunt have been over and I've just put on a big sweater. I keep thinking, if he says something, I'll just be, like, SURPRISE!, but he doesn't.


I think I'm going to go shop for pre-maternity wear this week. I had to unbutton my pants to comfortably sit down after dinner the other day. DH still thinks I'm not showing, but I totally think I am. My belly definitely did not stick out like this even a week ago. I'm wanting to get some leggings and big flowy shirts to be my pre-maternity wardrobe. I feel really conspicuous in my normal form fitting shirts. I think the new look should get me through the "is she pregnant or fat?" stage and be good for after baby, too.


I sorted through my maternity clothes from last time and I have no shorts or summer bottoms at all. I'll have to keep an eye out at consignment places or clearance racks.


Oh, here's a question-- round ligament pain, does anyone have this? Is it a stab in the ovary sort of feeling? Like a charlie horse in your gut? Or is that something else? Off to google.

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Originally Posted by Bald_Bull's_Mama View Post

What's puffcorn? Like popcorn? That does sound good.


Um...yeah, it's like butter-flavored styrofoam.  So it's not real popcorn.  ;)  It's total junk food.  I guess it's kind of like the puffy type of Cheetos, but not cheesy.


My DS wants a sister too.  :love


I'm still wearing normal clothes.  Although I have outgrown a pair of jeans so far.  It won't be long I suspect, until I'm in maternity pants or stretchy stuff.  I have a few skirts with stretchy waistbands though that I bought a few weeks ago, those should help.  :thumb  I'm definitely starting to show, but it depends on what I'm wearing.  Sometimes I just look pudgy.  :lol

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Vanessa- Hope all is well with your DH, and your son.  


Its so exciting that so many of you have heard your wee ones heartbeat.  I'll be 9 weeks on tuesday, I have my own doppler and we try once a week but so far nothing yet.  I know its early still, maybe this week though!  MS still has me in its grips, and I started spotting around my 8 weeks which would have been my second missed period.  Nothing to worry about says all my close mama friends, I've been taking it easy either way.  My first Dr. appt is on the 30th.  My house is still a mess, but at least I've managed some laundry.  I could sleep all day I think.  When I'm hungry I'm absolutely starving but to my great surprise I can only eat less than half of what I would normally eat.  Must be my slowed down gut, because really the baby is the size of a coffee bean! lol  My breasts are still growing and aching but I'm loving it all.  Especially with spotting, I find the signs of pregnancy reassuring.  


Well wishes to all the mamas and their wee ones!!!

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Hi all!


My nausea and vomiting have really been stepping down this week! I think I only threw up two or three times all week (compared to 2 or 3 every day over the last several wks). And even better, I somehow managed to be happy about this change and not worry (too much)


Well, I just got home from my appointment with the doc. They seem to be very ultrasound happy here in Germany (or at least with this doctor) ... and I have to admit, I love getting to sneak a peak every few weeks. I also really like the style, so far, of this doctor. There is no nurse and no cold waiting room where you sit (at least) half naked waiting for your five minutes ... when it's your turn, the doc herself comes and finds you and we sit and chat awhile before moving onto any procedures in the next room, and then come back and chat some more. There's no rushing, no pressure, and she is so laid back it's wonderful. Also, you have a book -- really a mini-chart -- called a "mother's passport" that everything gets noted in, and this comes home with you after any appointment.  It's just a totally different experience for me than any I've had with ob/gyn in USA. I still plan on exploring all my options with respect to labor, but that does feel pretty far away. 


Today was my third ultrasound and I was shocked to see that this little creature looks like a BABY. Head and arms and legs and back.  Unbelievable, and wonderful. I am 11 weeks today (starting week 12? when did that happen!?), and the measurements were spot on, the heart beating strong, and the NT test thingy just fine.  


My family is far away, a 12 hour time difference, and it's taking a lot of effort to wait until it's morning there to call my mom! It's nice to spill the beans on this appointment to you all. geek.gif


Best wishes to everyone this week, and hugs to those who are still dealing with spotting and other challenges. 

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Well I am glad to see some of you are having a better time with the morning sickness.  I had a horrible time on Friday :(  I ended up at the Dr's because I was not able to keep even water down.  I went 24 hours before I had some relief (Promethezine suppository).  I conviently began running out of zofran over the weekend so I called to get it filled and they needed a prior authorization because it is too early mecry.gifSo I didn't take any last night and took my last one this morning.  I just got off the phone with the nurse at the OB's office and she said that it could be a FEW DAYS before she can get it authorized with the insurance company! Believe me I don't like depending on medications, before I got pregnant I can't even tell you when I last took anything not even a tylenol. I don't know what I will do .  If it is still as bad as it was on Friday I won't be able to work.  I have no more sick days... Please keep your fingersx.gif for me.  

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Hi all!  I'm 9w2d and I actually think the nausea is letting up a bit.  There are days that are worse than others, but overall, I'm starting to somewhat function again.  The exhaustion, though, hasn't really let up.  I so wish I had energy.  I miss that!  I have looked very pregnant from the beginning, but oddly, my tummy has gone down a bit the past few days.  I'm guessing it was bloating.  I can feel my uterus and it is definitely getting bigger so I'm hoping there aren't any issues.  I have my first midwife appointment a week from today and I have no idea what will go on.  She said the appointment will last 2 hours!  What are we going to talk about for that long?  She also said I can bring my kids, but that sounds like a nightmare for two hours.  My kids never seem to stop talking! 


Other than that, I started telling a few of my family members and that didn't go over well.  My aunt said "When is your dh going for his vasectomy?  We will take him if you won't!"  I was so upset.  No one said congratulations, they were all just negative.  Dh's family has been positive, but mine is horrible.  I'm not talking to any of them because I just can't stand their negativity. 


Other than that, I'm just looking forward to reaching the second trimester!

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Amaayeh, sorry about the negative responses.  That really sucks.  People can be so stupid sometimes. 


Things are going well, here.  I'm feeling all sorts of flips and flops but it's still too early to feel anything more than that.  The kids keep joking that the baby is having a naked dance party, haha.  I told them last week, after some of the girls in my Brownie troupe started eyeing my belly suspiciously.  I wanted to tell the kids before they heard it from someone else.  Or worse, heard "Jeez, your mommy is getting fat!!"  Hah.  It went over well.  My daughter was thrilled.  My son is still in denial, I think.  He keeps telling people that mommy "might" be having a baby.  Heh.  And apparantly I have a hole in my stomache.  I guess a 5 year old's perspective of an ultrasound picture would look a bit like a hole in the stomache, haha.


I went maternity pants shopping last week.  I was tired of doing the elastic thing on my regular pants, as even THEY were starting to bite into my belly.  I can't believe how early I'm showing this time around!

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Hugs to all you sickies! I am just starting to feel some relief at 11 weeks. I was sick with all my kids, but this time has been very different. Instead of mild to moderate nausea from 5 to 16 weeks it's been violent nausea from 7-11 weeks. Weird!


I can't believe we are a week and a half from Thanksgiving! And can I just say that being in the 2nd trimester during Thanksgiving a Christmas is AWESOME! lol! Feeling relatively good and enjoying all of the holiday festivities is wonderful!


I am thinking of those of you who are coping with illness/recovery, and spotting and unsupportive families. Love!!

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amaayeh you aren't by any chance going to Sage Femme are you? I thought the same thing, but amazingly, there is that much stuff to talk about. I also just find it to be a really calm place, so I enjoy just being there chilling on one of the sliders while we talk about family history and food and everything else....

Maybe you're somewhere else, but I saw N.Cal and thought I'd venture a guess :)

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