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I just started reading this book, and it has really given me pause. That said, I'm struggling with how to apply its principles. Our toys a pretty pared down at this point, as are clothes. I'd never pare down books. Ever. But we have five kids and the book seemed to be written with smaller familes in mind. It really is a trick to balance the needs of older and younger kids, to have down time but still let kids try things (like ice skating or violin).


Anyone BTDT? I am really struggling with how busy we all are, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to cut out. My older kids are serious swimmers (for their age). Since I am at the pool 2-3 times a week, I have my younger kids in lessons 2X a week, and then we stay and play for free swim. We all love music. But the weekly piano lessons for #1,2,3 take a lot of time, as does the practice. We also do one foreign language lesson a week (we lived abroad and we didn't want the kids to lose their second language, which was hard-won). So there we go. Fully booked. We don't have tv or watch movies, which helps since they do have time to play, but not as much as they want or need.


Anyway, advice? I'm with the author in principal but having trouble figuring out how to get there in practice.


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