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Intrducing myself!

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I am due in July so I thought I would introduce myself over here.  I am Nichole.  I have two little ones.   Lil Jimmy is 29 months (6-11-2008) and JoJo is 16 months (7-12-2009).  They are 13 months and 1 day apart.  I am due July 2nd with a surprise set of twins.  So it will be #3 and #4 for us.  I had a miscarriage last cycle and was told to sit out one cycle until I got my period but we didn't and ended up preggo with twins!!  


I am still breastfeeding my lil Girl and don't plan on stopping and I am pretty sure she doesn't either...lol.  We have a family bed...so we all 4 sleep together.  Not sure what we are going to do about sleeping with the twins. 


I can't wait to get to know everyone here.


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Wow, sounds like your house will be full and fun come next summer!  Welcome!

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wave.gifWelcome!!  That is going to be tricky with the sleeping arrangements.  Congratulations on your babies!!


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