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HeatherB had the baby!

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Congratulations to her and her family! I'm sure we'll get details when they all settle in.
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Congrats Heather!!!! Sounds like that adjustment worked, I'm so happy for you (and 98% jealous, I want to hold my little one too, lol )!!


Looking forward to pictures and your birth story!!

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I never made it for the adjustment!  By the time she was available, ctxs were seeming very active and super intense.  My MW ended up coming to check for progress and we decided the 1.5 hour roundtrip was a bad idea. She was born about 3 hours later.  :thumb

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Did you say she???  Did you have a girl???  Can't wait for details!!  Congrats!!! 

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A girl, Heather!  I love her name!  Congratulations!

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