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We have a....

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...  GIRL!!!  


After 3 wonderful boys, they got their wish and have a sister! :joy :joy :joy


I can hardly believe she's here.  :faint  I've had on-and-off prodromal labor for what seems like forever - at least the last 10 days.  It would often fade in the morning and start up again. I will finish up the full story later but it was quite a ride!  (And not one I'm willing to get on again ANY time soon - make that ever! But I did it!!)


She's our biggest by a bit at 8lb4oz.  I knew she'd be bigger because I wasn't nearly as good with diet as I should've been.  Seriously, lots of carb/sugar cravings late in the game.  Her head is 14" just like her 3yo brother (at least - I think they were all similar).  The MW measured her at 20.5" though I'm not sure that she couldn't be a bit longer than that when stretched out (her brothers were all right at 21").  


I tore a bit - not too badly but not in a good spot for healing, so I have a few stitches.  They don't seem bad yet.  I'm not surprised that I tore, though, as I did NOT have the wherewithal to allow my body to push on its own, even through the ring of fire, and even knowing my boys weren't there yet.


My MW and DH were there but that's it - AGAIN!  And we'd even hired a birth photographer!  We knew it would be tricky because she's on the other side of town (can be 1-1.5 hours or more depending on traffic).  I was pretty sure I had DH call my mom in time (before my water broke), but they walked in afterwards, too.


There were an awful lot of things that didn't go as planned, but I got a GIRL!  And I caught her/pulled her out myself, in the water, at home.


She's got a strong latch and seems to be nursing well.  The boys are smitten.  We had to send the 3yo to Grandma's for the night because he can't keep away from her!  Hopefully he'll settle as he adjusts.




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Congratulations!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family! Enjoy your sweet girl! :)

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Awesome!!!  Heather I am so happy for you guys!!!

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she is just beautiful!!!!joy.gif

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Yay, Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :love

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Heather, I am so happy for you and the whole family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay Heather, she is so cute!! Congrats on your girl!!

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Congratulations!  :joy

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love.gifYay!!love.gif  So happy for you, Heather!!  You've been on my mind all day yesterday.


Congrats on your GIRL!!  I so remember the feeling of getting my first girl after our 3 boys!  Enjoy every minute!!

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Aw, she's perfect!  Congratulations!

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Isn't she just the SWEETEST thing!!! Congratulations, Heather, I am so happy for you and your family!

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Woohoo!!!! What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations Heather! :D

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Heather-she is darling!!!!! Congrats on your baby girl!!!!!!!

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Congrats!!!  She is absolutely lovely!

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Thank you, mamas!  :love  She is nursing very well (albeit every hour!) and sleeping so sweetly.  I even got a chunk of sleep last night!  No idea how long because I simply woke up and realized I had a still-sleeping baby on my arm!  Wow!


It's not yet sunk in that we really have a baby girl...  I get all teary every now and again because we've waited so long for her!

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Oh Heather - I'm so happy for you!!!!  Congratulations to you - get lots of rest in the coming days...you've earned it with your marathon labour.  Enjoy your babymoon - I can't wait to hear the full story when you're ready.



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Congratulations!! I know how you feel... we had a girl on 11/2 after 3 boys. So awesome, huh?

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Congrats!!!  Having a baby girl is a wonderful journey!  Enjoy your babymoon and thanks for the motivation that prodromol labor will kick over and actually produce a baby!!!!!!!  Enjoy your beautiful daughter!!  

p.s.  I love that hat!

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Congratulations!!! Enjoy your sweetheart and your babymoon!  

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