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Should I bring the subject up again?

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I am expecting a new nephew any day now (to my husband's brother and his wife) and I am agonizing over whether or not to bring up the circ issue again. DH and I caused some tensions by trying to convey the reasons behind our horror regarding the decision to circ their first son. I was just reading a bit more about the process itself and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about the poor little guy's welcome to the world. I think they are happy with their decision to circ the first and I suspect have not done any further research to reevaluate the decision this time around. I don't regret the hard feelings caused by bringing it up the first time around but I just don't know if it will do any good to bring it up again. I just feel the need to be the baby's advocate.


As an aside, they think we are totally nutso and somewhat negligent for not vaxing our DS so our parenting styles are clearly in opposition on lots of things. I'm happy to open that can of worms though if I thought it would do any good.


So at the moment, I'm thinking I'll either do nothing and possibly regret it later or send a brief email with one good link to an article outlining the myriad reasons why its a bad idea with a note that says something to the effect of - "I still think this is an important issue and I wanted you to think about it again but I will not bring it up any further unless you'd like to discuss."


What do you think? Oh, I should add, I would send an email because I currently live thousands of miles away from them. And if you think the one last attempt is a good idea, I'd love your suggestions for one key bit of reading.



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I think it will take a member of the medical community who is on her care team (doctor, nurse) to tell her that it's not medically suggested or to clearly say that it's negative.  They have the weight of having already circumcised their first.  To turn against that tide will take an opening of her mind that she doesn't seem willing to do.


I think the thread here of parents sharing their regret once they have learned the truth is such a powerful tool.  Appealing to her emotions might be effective.  When you have actively participated in the circumcision culture, it takes a willing questioning mind to open to different informatiion.  Sadly, many won't.


I understand your feelings. 


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