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A little background - I am an frazzled WOHM with 2 toddlers who are somewhat picky eaters and a very helpful overworked Nanny.  Nanny hit a budget shortfall this summer so I offered a small amount of money daily to pack my lunch.  If I eat at work (teacher), staff lunch if $4.00 so I am still coming out ahead. 


This has been amazing for everyone.   Nanny packs Momma samiches, cut up veggies/fruit, and whatever else is laying around.  This has turned into my kids eating SO much better and Momma too.   Nanny gets flustered pretty easily when she can not get ahold of me at work to pack my lunch and she doesn't pack one.  I also stink at leaving her ideas.  Nanny is not used to eating foods like this and struggles.  She is more of a pizza pops/hamburger helper kind of girl.  My kids are truly simple and like things like hot dogs/cut up meat, pickles/other veggies, and cut up berries.  They have always been like this and we never have had issues.   We are running into issues now though of food getting wasted (buying too much lunch meat/produce)


Now we need some variety.  I probably should get over eating a sandwhich that has miracle whip/ketchup and lunch meat only.  She needs to know what she can pack that will keep from Friday until lunch on Monday etc.


So - any good "lunch box" cookbooks/recipe places?  The foods should be easily available (meaning I do not have to go to Whole Foods or spend a lot of money on things a common house does not have in it) and not time consuming to make.  I want ideas for fruit and veggie dips that are healthy too.  My youngest is a dipping queen.    Things that are portable are good too for everyone.  She typically picks up my oldest from pre-k around 11:30 and sometimes they don't come home and end up grabbing lunch out. 


Thanks :)