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Earth Mama, Angel Baby Product help

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I was looking at the bottom balm and bottom spray for hem's and perineal issues (hoping I don't tear this time, but still)  and then there's the herbs.... I'd like to get one of those.  But then I saw that there's a gift pack that has bottom balm and new mama spray and tea and stuff, and thought maybe I should just splurge and get that?  Anybody ever use the spray to chase away new mama blues?  


So I don't want to spend a ton of $, but based on my last two births, I know I can use some TLC on my nether regions after this one too.  What do you ladies suggest?

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minty you MUST get the balm above anything. the spray is great too. i have both and use both religiously. even if you do not tear or have h's - these products are fantastic because they speed up healing down there and shrink swollen tissues. Seriously the feeling is heavenly.


i found this site when i was searching for a good deal on the EMAB:




their prices on the stuff are SO much cheaper than elsewhere and they have free shipping on orders over $50 and there is a code


LSAVE15 that saves you 10% off your order and shipping is still free even if after applying coupon it gets under $50- really an awesome deal.

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Thanks!  So you haven't tried anything else?

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Do you mean the Happy Mama spray?  I love the scent!  Very nice!


I get EMAB through Frontier and have a little bit of everything.  All great stuff!!

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Yeah, Heather.  I don't usually have a big problem with ppd or anything, but do love scents, esp natural, baby-friendly ones!

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DDCC....I swore by the mama bottom balm after dd#2.  I only had one stitch but man...whatever position it was in really caused me some discomfort.  I bought the package that I think was called 'a little something for mama's sore bottom" It had a spray, the balm and herbs for sitz bath.  I didn't find the spray worked very well for me, I never used the herbs but the bottom balm.  I would put it on and ahhhhhhhhh.......  In fact, I have given it as a shower present to several friends and they have all told me how much they LOVED it.  I think it is a must have.  In the package I bought it was a kinda smallish jar. I will be buying a bigger jar this time and not getting the other stuff.  The happy mama spray was nice and is a nice gift but not really worth the $$$ imo. 

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Thanks. I was wondering about the size to get, too!

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I loved the bottom spray, because you can use it like a peri bottle-- spray as or right after peeing.  Ahhhhhh! I liked not having to rub on my tissues! 

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I just ordered 3, 2 oz jars of the bottom balm from amazon for 18.00 and change with subscribe and save and an

Amazon Mom discount.  You aren't obligated to keep the subscription.  Looking forward to getting them Tues or Wed.

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although i totally agree that the balm is more amazing than the spray, i must say the spray is truly nice to have because like someone said-you just spritz it on, and the cooling relief feeling is so nice, plus with a new baby sometimes you literally have only a second and thats the time when spray comes in so handy!

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I LOVE the spray and the balm.  I get ridiculous hemorrhoids at the slightest provocation and that balm is the very best there is IMO.

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