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~ New Chat Thread 11/14-11/20th ~

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Yet another week has passed!  Hooray for all the sticky babies and all the new members of our DDC!


I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that Thanksgiving is next week already.  I feel like part of me is still stuck in September.  Although I have to say that I did make a marvelous pumpkin pie yesterday from scratch - first time ever- and I impressed even myself!  So maybe if I eat enough of it I will start to feel the Thanksgiving spirit! orngtongue.gif


I am going to 36 at the end of this week.  I can't believe it.  Some days I feel like there is no way I am so old and other days when I feel like I am way beyond my years.  I was listening to the "oldies" radio station the other day and a song from my childhood came on and I started laughing, saying "oh yeah right - this isn't an 'oldie' " but then I realized that the song was almost 30 years old!!!  Indeed, it is an oldie!! lol.gif  Just like me!!


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Thanksgiving is next week???  Where did this month go???


I turned 38 today, so I totally get where you are coming from with the feeling old.  Some days I feel down right ancient!  Other days.. I only feel kinda old, lol.


Edited to add:  Tracymom, I just saw your question on the previous chat thread.  We live in Westport, which is about 40 miles up the highway from Scapoose, I believe.  We're about 30 miles east of Astoria, on the Columbia.  I've lived in many places in Oregon, but my hometown, Eugene, will always be my favorite.  We are thinking about moving back there in the near future.. especially now that we have another little one on the way.  All the babysitters live there!  =)  I love Oregon.  I even love the rain. =D

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Happy birthday, ArcticRose!


I feel like a big cranky, whiney mess. I still feel awful despite taking the Unisom and B6. I'm still throwing up. After I throw up I'm starving so I eat, then I feel sick and the cycle continues. I just wish I could function a little better than I am now, instead I just wanting to lay on the couch all day. That being said, I reeeaaally want grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. Ugh, is it the second trimester yet?

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Happy Birthday ArcticRose!  I have been to Westport (briefly)!  I love the northern corner of the state all along the river.  So beautiful.  I am planning a trip this spring to visit a few friends and take a much needed break before the new baby comes.  I will probably do a loop from Portland down to Salem and Eugene and then up the coast before heading over to Scapoose.  I need to breathe in some Oregon air... its been far too long.  Maybe we can have dinner!


Katie!  You poor thing!  I am sure you have BTDT and tried lots of different things... but what about acupuncture?  Or massage?  Or maybe actually trying an anti-emetic like Zofran?  I don't usually say medicate, but sometimes just a dose or two is all you need to break the barfing cycle.  My best advice is to only take a small bite of something every 10-15 minutes instead of eating a meal and then barfing it up only to get hungry and eat big again.  I am constantly nauseous.  The barf is always in the back of my throat but I have been able to keep it at bay for the most part.  Every once in a while I do vomit, but I have grown used to the feeling and working at keeping it down.  I was bulimic for 10 years and throwing up has a lot of emotional connections for me that I would rather avoid.


Tomorrow morning a new playgroup is coming to my house at 9am!!  Its some moms from here on MDC so I am very excited to meet them but a little nervous because I am not the best housekeeper on the block...bag.gif  hopefully they are forgiving!


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Have a great time hosting the playdate, I'm sure they'll all have lots of fun!


I'm really considering acupuncture but the cost is kind of frightening, just the initial visit is $100 bigeyes.gif This is way worse than what I had with DD, at least the Unisom worked during her pregnancy and when I threw up I actually felt better.  I feel like I would be throwing up so much more if I didn't take it though, today I only threw up 3 times which is a big improvement. My digestive system has slowed down a lot and I'm taking probiotics without much success, I'm sure if my stomach wasn't constantly feeling full it would help. I'm considering Zofran but I've heard it can knock you out, is that something you can take before bed and have it work the next day?

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Ah Tracy, if they're MDC mamas, they better be forgiving since your children are suppose to be your priority, not your house.  ;D


Katie, I'm so sorry you're feeling so awful.  And with your husband deployed (that's you right?), that's even worse.  I'm only nauseous most of the day, no throwing up, thought I wished I would throw up last night, I felt so bad.  Oddly enough, I felt better after eating cake and ice cream, my husband talked me into eating some.  It's my daughter's birthday today and we had her party yesterday, so leftover cake for snacks.


Happy Birthday as well to ArcticRose!  You share a birthday with my dd3.  I'm so glad we're done with birthdays for awhile.  Wesley is the next birthday, he'll be 1 in 2 months.


My dating ultrasound is in 1 week, I'm getting really anxious, since we'll go ahead and tell everyone after that.  We'll tell the kids just before we go in for it.  I'll send a picture from the u/s in a card to my parents to announce it to them.  I'll send it out right away Monday and pray it makes it on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  


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My DH is home for this pregnancy, thankfully. I'm not sure what I would do right now if he wasn't here to help out dizzy.gif

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Originally Posted by ~Katie~ View Post

I'm considering Zofran but I've heard it can knock you out, is that something you can take before bed and have it work the next day?

Not really - it has a 4-6 hour time frame for being effective.  I took it a couple of times last pregnancy and then this summer when I has the world's worst stomach flu and it really helped.  It calms the nausea and stops the vomiting.  When I was sick this summer, I was literally vomiting for 24 hours straight.  Once I got the Zofran in me it stopped almost immediately.  I knew it was time for another dose because I would start barfing again.  Sometimes the nausea does not disappear completely, but it is curbed enough to be able to function and eat.  Honestly, I have never experienced any side effects from taking it - I have always just felt better and been able to go about with whatever my day holds.  It might be nice to get a script just in case you need it.

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Happy birthday Arcticrose! Happy early birthday tracymom!

I feel really ill this morning. Ugh! I was listening to my radio this morning on my way to work. They play a mix of heavy metal and classic rock. They played a song by disturbed called down with the sickness that made me feel very upset for some reason. Now that I think about it, it's kinda funny.
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Best part of the day so far? Figuring out a different way to button my work pants so they don't feel like they are crushing the baby! I think I'm probably going to need to get a bella band or the Target equivalent pretty soon.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ladies!  Had a fairly quiet day, which is a good thing, except my inlaws dropped by unexpectedly.  =)


Tracy, getting together while you are in the area would be great.  I know what you mean about breathing in Oregon air.  I moved out of state for a little while and I couldn't wait to get back!


I got rid of all of my maternity clothes after DD was born, does anyone have a favorite place to shop for inexpensive maternity clothes?  Last time around I bought a couple boxes of clothes off craigslist.  That worked fairly well.  I got a lot of clothes for $100, but they didn't all fit, and some were definitely not my style.  This time I'd like to get a couple pairs of pants and a couple of nice shirts and call it good.  I have comfy yoga pants and DH's t-shirts for around the house. =)


Anyone else having a hard time keeping hydrated?

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Hi everyone! Glad to see everyone is doing well!

Let me pick your brains for a minute...

My last period was September 18th. I was supposed to get my period on October 14th. I never did. I tested all the way to about October 28th....all BFN. Then on Nov 1st...I got some slight spotting. Nothing on the panties, only when I wiped, but I figured it was my incredibly late period coming. Well the spotting never picked up and it totally went away within about 2 days. So I was back to wondering why I never got a period and decided to test one more time on November 5th and got BFP. I tested the day after and then about 4 days after that and all BFP. So I believe that might have been implantation spotting. I'm so confused. I have no idea how pregnant I am. Do any of you have any ideas? It doesn't seem like I was pregnant back when my period never came because I got negative tests for weeks but I have never missed a period for no reason so I dont know!! I'm just not ready to go to the doctor yet because I think it's way too early. This just goes to show it doesn't matter how many kids you have, every pregnancy is a learning experience!

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I am having a hard time staying hydrated. I drink about 76 ounces a day and have to go to the bathroom a lot but it's always very yellow. Does anyone have a daily goal for what they drink?
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Texasmum: Were you charting at all? Or keeping track of when you DTD? That might give you some more insight in to when you actually ovulated.


Brittee: I have a 1L nalgene that I keep with me all the time. I aim to drink at least 3 a day but I've been so thirsty the past week that I've been drinking usually 4L a day.

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@Brittee: The pregnancy books I've read say 13 glasses (i.e. 3 liters) a day, but that doesn't take into consideration activity level, weight, etc. I can't manage to get NEARLY that much down with my nausea and just the size of my stomach. I always feel so full -- and not the good kind! Before pregnancy, I heard half of your weight in pounds (but in ounces). For instance, if you weighed 120 pounds, they suggested 60 ounces a day. Of course, that was without a growing little one sucking up a bunch of it! :) I hope this helps!


@Texasmum: The home tests can pick up the hormone changes typically within 7-10 days of fertilization. I had BFNs up through the Friday before I was supposed to get my period (never did, and got a positive the following Thursday). If you use a 7-day window (just to be on the safe side) from when you got the BFP, you might be able to tell when you actually got pregnant. If you've taken several tests and gotten the same results, particularly with days in between, it might not be too early to see your doctor. I hope this little bit of info helps!

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TexasMum, I think you and I are in the same boat. I have been getting BFN's but I feel pregnant. I am treating myself as pregnant until I get a positive test. I will try again this weekend. Not everyone has implantation bleeding to my knowledge. I hope you get some good answers from some of the other folks.
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No I wasn't charting to paying attention. It's always when I stop paying attention to that stuff that I get pregnant. My instinct is telling me that I skipped my period for no reason, ovulated 14 days later and got pregnant at that point. No telling why I missed a period. I guess it was just meant to be. I'm gonna try to put off the OB for a couple more weeks at least because I am NOT a fan of the vaginal ultrasound and I am sure the doc is gonna want to do one to measure the baby. If I can get to where I am 6 weeks or so, hopefully the little person will be detectable by abdominal U/S. Either way I am just so happy to be pregnant again! This was my first time using digital tests. Man those things are so in your face!!

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Things seem to be going well here.  I made my doctor's appt. (early Dec. and will be almost 10 weeks) and we will likely be having a hospital (but very committed to natural, no pain meds) birth.  My Mom had my younger brother and sister at home, and teaches childbirth classes, so we considered home, but my DH is more in favor of a hospital.  So we will see how this appointment goes.  I think there is one home birth midwife in our area if we change out minds.  Otherwise I am feeling pretty good.  I have not had much nausea, so I am thankful for that.  I am more tired, though, and super thirsty and hungry.  Just trying to be healthy with the snacks.  Today I have already drunk three big mug-fulls of water at work.  Also trying to keep up some steady exercise, like walking with a co-worker over lunch.  We walk something like 1.8 miles most days.  My DH and I did a lot of yard work on Saturday, and I was amazed that I held up as well as I did!  I did enjoy the smell of the fallen leaves while raking.  Yesterday was a weepy day, for whatever reason, spontaneous tears off and on all day!  But all in all...I guess things are good!  I think it is all still sinking in. 

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Hi, can I join you all? I haven't logged in since the birth of my last dc in 2008. Things sure do look different around here. Is there a sticky with the July DDC members?

It looks like I'm due somewhere between July 15-17. AF 10 days late and old expired test was BFP after 1 day late. This will be #3 for me. I also have DD 1 (4 yo) and DD2 (2 yo).Looking forward to meeting everyone...pinktongue.gif

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welcomeback.gif mochimama!  Yes, things indeed have changed around here!  I think there will be what is now called a "wiki" with our roster.  I thought I started one but can't seem to find it shrug.gif


Today has been a very long day around here.  We had a very nice playgroup this morning and then I just seemed to fall out... lots of fatigue and nausea and general ickiness.  My stomach is killing me and I can't seem to actually eat anything.  I just want to sleep!!  But I can't!  Too many kids over here to take care of!


I, too, am having a hard time staying properly hydrated.  I can't drink enough because it contributes to my nausea.  I started this pregnancy with high hopes of feeling really great this first trimester but that has steadily gone down hill.  Bah.



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