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You can PM Mama Monica and ask her to link to our roster in the sticky note.

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Alright, I was slacking with the first weekly chat, so I played catch-up! Here's all of that, and now I'll have to keep up better!!



Brittee- Glad to hear the appt went well. I would be going crazy if I were you, not knowing for sure one way or the other!! Good luck on waiting to get the bloodwork done...hopefully the pee test will finally show positive for you. So when is 6 weeks for you, when you will do the pee test?
I've never heard of Stevi B's, but we are huge fans of Cici's Pizza here! 
Wow, that's a good amount of water you're drinking...I'm surprised you're not hydrated!
Lisanne- How was your lunch for the families of deployed service members?
Awesome that your DH will be back way before you're due. 
What does your DH do? My DH is Air Force also, and I'm hoping, praying and crossing fingers HARD that he won't be deployed when this baby is born. He's only been in since May 2009, and hasn't deployed yet. 
Katie- Since you won't be with extended family for the holidays, what are your plans?
How cool that your midwife's assistant is an herbalist!! 
Yay for having the first official appt scheduled!
I can't wait until it's time for belly pics! We took my first one the other day at 5 weeks. :)
Tracy- Thanks for the anniversary wishes. :) DH and I were both busy the evening of our actual anniversary, so nothing special on the actual day (I even forgot to light the unity candle that we used in our wedding, and I usually do that on our anniversary!). A couple days later we went out to lunch as a family, and the day after Thanksgiving my mom is coming to watch the kids for us while DH and I go out to celebrate our anniversary by going to a concert. It'll be my first concert EVER and DH's second, and our first together (obviously lol). We'll probably go out to eat too, but we haven't actually talked about that part yet. 
How was the visit with your parents? And the midwife appt and girls night out? Sounds like you had a busy week! 
Sounds like you've had a lot of dental work done. I feel ya. It sucks. ((hugs))
Oh no, what a bummer on the migraine on the way to the dentist! Ouch on no anesthetic for the temporary crown!! 
Wow, I can't believe you had to have your crown fixed again!! Yikes! I hope it stays good now!
I hope you've been able to eat and drink more since you got it fixed and aren't dehydrated anymore.
Sounds like you were surprised that the MW changed your due date! As I was reading your post I wondered if you would be leaving us for the June group...I'm glad you're staying! :) So are you considering yourself due on 6/26 or 7/2? That would change your pregnancy by about a week, right? 
That's a cute dress from Motherhood, and a good price too!
How was your pumpkin pie? I actually made one from our jack-o-lantern last year! lol
I can't believe it's time for the holidays either...Thanksgiving next week? No way! lol
Happy birthday! :)
Glad the MDC playgroup went well! I can imagine you were tired after that. 
Alisha- The flower fairy tea party birthday party sounds fun! Wow, another bday party too! That's kind of how we'll be...this baby is due mid-July, then a few weeks later is DS's bday, then one week after that is my bday. 
I hope the weather's good for the park bday party! 
Glad you had a good time at the ball! Yay for the baby doing so well!! Were you able to keep the pregnancy news a secret? 
So exciting that your dating u/s is coming up soon!
Cheryl- Do you have pictures of the jewelry you make?
Serena- You mentioned Crunchy Co-ops to Brittee....I remembered that I used to be a member there, so I went to login and it says my account has been manually deactivated and can only be reactivated by an admin...but gives no directions on how to get that done. I'm so confused now! lol I can't PM an admin, because I can't sign in! 
I hope your nausea gets better!
Annie- I definitely understand the need to have a dating u/s to see the baby, because of your previous loss. 
I won't be getting an early u/s, but I will be using my home Doppler, for the same reasons.
Willow- Those Old Navy no-panel maternity pants sound pretty good! Our local ON store doesn't have maternity clothes...I would hate to buy without trying on! Yay for them being good and comfy!
ArcticRose- Happy Birthday!! 
Valerie- Hi :)
If I was in your situation (I'm guessing you weren't charting?) then I would definitely want a dating u/s to figure out a due date! 
I don't "miss" periods, since I chart and know when I'm ovulating, so then I know when to expect my period...but one cycle, earlier this year, I ovulated way later than normal, so then that threw off my expected period time. I'm guessing that's what happened with you. 
mochimama- Sounds like you're due with me! I'm due July 14. 
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Originally Posted by lmevans View Post

Brittee- Glad to hear the appt went well. I would be going crazy if I were you, not knowing for sure one way or the other!! Good luck on waiting to get the bloodwork done...hopefully the pee test will finally show positive for you. So when is 6 weeks for you, when you will do the pee test?
I've never heard of Stevi B's, but we are huge fans of Cici's Pizza here! 
Wow, that's a good amount of water you're drinking...I'm surprised you're not hydrated!

I will be 6 weeks this coming Saturday.  X-mas check came in the mail, so now I have that for when I do break down and go get the lab done, although I would prefer to spend it on prenatal blood work instead of a serum preggo test (or something fun and exciting!).  And I managed to find a place that will do the test for $45!!  I think I may go by the drug store and get a couple of different kinds of pee tests.  I have been using first response exclusively, but then I heard it was the most accurate.

Stevi B's ; Looks like a Cici's, costs almost exactly the same as a Cici's, tastes a little better than a Cici's, and in certain locations, they have soft serve vanilla ice cream too! 

Yeah, 2.2 Liters, I went looking for water bottles at the store and saw my current one with a label.  DH fills my water bottle for me, and complains he can't set it in the cubby in the fridge and has to hold it the whole time.  LOL!  I was thinking about getting two smaller ones, but it would work out to the same amount of water, so no real benefit.  Besides, I'm sure that all the bicep curls I get in by drinking and carrying around my bottle of H2O are a fun and healthy byproduct.  It's also funny when some of the spaghetti arm girls in the office try to hand it to me. 


mochimama grouphug.gif  Welcome back!!

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I guess in a way I was charting. I have a little app on my iphone called Maybe Baby and it has a calendar on it that shows me when my period will be here and when I am supposedly ovulating. I say "supposedly" ovulating because some of us are late ovulators! But yeah this is how I knew when my period was supposed to be here but never came. I'm going to the hospital on the base tomorrow to get referred to an OB in the area so I'll know soon enough! I need to enjoy the easy time before the symptoms start kicking in.

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I had a Dr's appointment today, it was actually my first time seeing my doctor since I got pregnant (he broke his shoulder so the doctors on call were taking him patients). It was so nice to see him! He said that everything looks great, bp was good! this is a shocker because I have white-coat hypertension and felt my heart in my throat! he wants me to keep taking my bp at home. I have to go for more blood work tomorrow and the 1 hour sugar test. He wants me to go for the sugar test now because my dad became diabetic a couple months ago, so if its in the family they like to test early and then continue to test again throughout the pregnancy.


We talked about me havinga VBAC.. he said that he's hoping I go into labor on my own and of course we wont know that for months. He did say that they consider my last induction a "failed induction" and that ill have to keep that in mind, but in the end, the choice will be ours to make if we want to be induced or have a csection. Of course, if theres something wrong with our little poppyseed we'll go straight to a csection.


We'll be meeting with our new potential doula next week!


I had a big fight with the doula we used last time, someone who I thought was a good friend :( it went very poorly and I don't think the friendship can be salvaged. It makes me sad, but at the same time, I think it might make this pregnancy a lot easier.

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I can't figure out how to edit my post :(


Imevans, you can PM your username and ill message Jodi for you :) Crunchy Coops is a wonderful place!!! I spend way too much money there!

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I actually feel pretty good right now! I took some Emetrol just before dinner since I saw it recommended online for morning sickness and it actually appears to work! hallelujah! Now if I could only get my digestive system moving we'd be in business. My sweet son took pity on me and let me take a nap this afternoon while he watched a movie and that helped a lot. 


Valerie - I'd guess that for whatever reason you ovulated later than you normally do and you had implantation spotting like you said, which normally occurs anywhere from 6-12 days after conception. If you had implantation spotting on the 1st, I would guess that conception occurred anywhere between the 20th-26th. That would give you a due date of anywhere from July 13th to July 19th. 


Michelle - I think we're going out to dinner for Thanksgiving, it's just easier at  this point to let somebody else handle it since I'm not up for all that cooking. Christmas is going to be really low key, basically just waking up and doing presents with the kids and enjoying the day. We've never actually been able to do that before so I'm really looking forward to it. 


Serena - Good luck at your doula meeting!

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hey gals! 

man I checked in this morning and then when I came back there are 2 pages!  Although I did completely forget it was a new week... 


Michelle I will try to remember to pm you with a link, I can't post it here cause mdc considers that advertising.  At least they used to.

Valerie, welcome!  I have no good advice, but I do think you are probably right as to what happened!  happy baby! 

heavensearth, the 1 hour test, that is the same as the gtt right?  ugh,  I hated that test.  I hope your blood sugar comes out ok.  Glad you got to see your doc!  And good luck meeting with your

(hopefully) new doula!

Brittee that is too funny about your water bottle!  I am having trouble drinking enough water for sure.  It was easier when I was working and it would just be there all day but at home I put it down and forget about it.  But about 2 liters a day is my goal.  I figure I am eating lots of fruits and veggies (high water content foods) and drinking tea so that should help.  But then I get to bed and an so thirsty I can't get to sleep.  And then I'm up all night peeing!

Katie, I really hope you feel better soon. I have never been sick like that so I don't know what to tell you :( Just a big hug I guess!!

Tracy, so good to hear your pie was yummy!  I have a new recipe this year I hope is really good. The only thing is it is for 2 pies.  and I don't think I'm having *that* many people for thanksgiving! I also like the make an apple pie so that's 3 pies!  It is a hard recipe to half too because it calls for 7 eggs...  Ooo, and glad to hear the playgroup wen so well!!  I want one!

I felt like crap for most of the day.  I made some kale chips for lunch which usually I love but today I burnt the first batch and then the second batch was ok but after i ate them I felt blech.  And then I had to smell the smell from the kitchen all afternoon... I think I need to get one of those odor neutralizer candles. 

I am planning to make some homemade granola and yogurt tomorrow.  I love making my own yogurt!  I have never made granola before so that should be interesting.

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Hi everyone! :)


I'm new here. We just got our BFP this morning. So I'll probably lurk a lot ot first... well, that or ask a ton of questions. This will be DH and I's first child. I'm still in shock/panic mode right now!

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hi ladies! Trying to stay up on the chat threads! We'll see :) I am a lousy chat keeper-upper. :p


DH and I are cleaning like crazy people and the dust is all kicked up. I was breathing really shallow and fast last night, sore from the coughing, and went to bed with a fever. I don't know if I was a little delusional, or if it was just a tired preggo brain. I hate having a fever, and now my mind is racing worried about the bean. There is so much groundwork going on in there right now, a fever can't be good. ugh.. pregnancy is nerve racking.

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Michelle, I think we kept the secret safely under wraps.  But I was second guessing myself the whole time, wondering if her mommy intuition was picking up anything.  On Veteran's Day she says to me "Did Nathan (dh) tell you that I found out I was pregnant with him on Veteran's Day?"  LOL, I doubt he even knew.   I almost said, "hey, maybe you should find out about another baby on Veteran's Day"  but I'm just too dang scared to tell them.


DH is in the field this week, meaning he's gone all week.  Yesterday was a bit tough, but I'm hoping today goes better.  I'm just so tired by the time I have all the kids in bed.

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happy birthday tracymom and arctic rose!  i'm right there with ya-- i'll be 37 tomorrow!!!! 

and TexasMum-- i had some bfn's this month, too.  i think i just ovulated very late.  i'm pretty sure i think i know conception date, so i'll use that to calculate rather than lmp.  we don't really chart either.  crazy!!!

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welcome ladies!! So exciting to see all the new people coming in :D

And I forgot the birthday wishes last night!! Happy birthday arctic rose and tracy!!!  And happy early birthday hildare!!


lots to do today so just a quick check in :)  hope everyone has a great day and feels good today!! 

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Thanks for the welcome back! Feels good to be here, although I am definitely overwhelmed by the new format. And so many chats to read and mamas to get to know! Ahhh...

I'm not feeling really pregnant yet. I keep wondering if this is really happening? We are so excited about our third. We have two anxious big sisters as well.

Also, I'm 38, so up there with you. I turn 39 on July 18--maybe I'll get a birthday baby!

Now I need to go figure out where my siggy went to...

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Well I am meeting my new OB on Thursday. Let's hope that all goes well! I was told we will schedule a dating ultrasound. Gonna hopefully schedule that out a couple weeks so that we can do it abdominally and for sure see a heartbeat. The less spazzing on my end, the better for all persons involved. 


I haven't had many symptoms really. Been a bit tired and only slightly woozy at times but that doesnt really kick in for me till about 8 weeks in my past experiences. While I was brushing my teeth this morning though, I noticed my gums were bleeding. Yuck.

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Katie, so glad you are feeling a bit better, even if it is for just today!


firecat, it is the same as the 1 hour gtt bleh! I imagine everything will be ok, actually, ill be shocked if it isnt but we'll deal with it :) sorry you are feeling bleh :(

I eat kale chips too! but I don't cook them, I dehydrate them, how do you make yours? im going to do a blog post on them soon, ill have to send you the link, they are sooooo good!!!!


Welcome Livingsky! partytime.gif


I have to run, ill catch up with everyone else later :)

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Katie,  I am glad you got some relief from the sickies.


Livingsky, Hello and welcome!!


Hildare, Happy early b-day tomorrow!!!


I am going to attempt to make dinner.  I am feeling emotional about making food.  I feel like if DH doesn't want to make my lunch, then he just doesn't love me!  lol.gif  Of course he still isn't home, so he hasn't even had a say as to whether or not he'll make my lunch anyhow.  I feel Veeeeeeeeeery argumentative, which is not like me at all.  mischievous.gif DH seems to be taking it in stride though. 

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Hi LivingSky and welcome to the club!  I remember how completely freaked out and clueless I felt when I found out I was pregnant with my first. (she'll be 2 next month)  I still freaked out this time, but not as bad. =)


Happy Birthday tomorrow Hildare!


Alisha, I don't know how you can keep a secret like that.  I went crazy not telling everyone for three days!  And I did tell DH and my sister the first chance I had, lol.  I've never been good at keeping my secrets.  I can keep other peoples secrets forever, but my own?  Not at all! =)


I am so freakin tired!  How do you mamas with multiple kids do this?  How do you keep up with an active toddler and be pregnant at the same time???  And I can't seem to hold a thought in my head.  Ditzy doesn't even cover it! 

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Thanks for the welcomes, and ArcticRose, thanks for the support :)


I don't know how long I'll be able to keep the secret for. I'm like you ArcticRose, I can keep other people's secrets, but my own? Hahaha. I texted my mom to tell her I was pregnant right after my test came up positive. That would have been, oh, 3am for her :) Woops. If all goes smoothly, we're planning to tell people around Christmas.


Brittee: I've been feeling pretty argumentative too it seems! I snapped at DH over nothing when trying to sort out dinner tonight. He wasn't being partcularly helpful (in my defense!) but still. I hope that part of it doesn't last long!

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Welcome, LivingSky!


Today was a not so good day. I'm calling my midwife tomorrow for an Rx. It seems like things are actually getting worse, so what was working isn't helping so much now. I'm just feeling desperate right now and getting to the point where I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning so I'll take the help wherever I can get it. My kids are being champs even though I'm useless for much of the day so I can be thankful that they're so receptive to me feeling under the weather, at least. 


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