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Anyone else have anterior placenta (placenta at the front of the uterus)?

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I'm crashing your DDC, my due date is actually April 3rd so I thought I might get more feedback from this group than my own.  This is my 2nd baby, and strangely enough my 2nd time having the placenta implant at the front of my uterus (or so the midwife thinks).  Apparently the front of my uterus is the place to be for placenta's!  Anyway, at 20 weeks tomorrow I feel very little movement--little bits here and there but not at the point where I'm sure it's movements vs. gas or digestive stuff.  At what point did you feel more concrete movement?  At 20 weeks I get a little paranoid that I'm not feeling more, especially since it's my 2nd pregnancy.  I had a loss about a year ago at 12.5 weeks w/ no signs of a miscarriage until the midwife appointment so of course that makes me even more nervous.  I just wanted to get some ideas from other women.  I was about 10-15# above my ideal weight when I got pregnant too so that might make a difference.


Thanks everyone for you thoughts! 

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I have an anterior placenta, it's my third pregnancy, and I'm not overweight. I think I started feeling really confident about movement right around 20-21 weeks. It's almost all around the top, bottom, and sides of my uterus, though she just started kicking hard enough to feel a little through the placenta. I'm at 24 weeks now. I definitely remember feeling movement earlier on with my other two pregnancies when I didn't have anterior placentas.

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I found out on Wednesday at my big ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta.  I was very worried as well because I wasn't hardly feeling any movement.  I still am not feeling a bunch.  With my first I felt it at like 15 weeks and it was very steady.   My midwife said I will feel it in time.  I saw her moving all around on the ultrasound but couldn't feel it at all.  When I had it with my son I could feel it and see it on the ultrasound screen but his wasn't anterior.  HTH

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I am in the same boat and was also a little worried about lack of movement. I am 22 weeks now and feeling quite a bit more than even last week.

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I'm from the April DDC. I was told at my 12w appointment that my placenta was anterior. Not sure if it's moved since then but I don't think it has. I'm 18w2d and I've felt some movement but it's all on the side or toward my spine and it's nothing big.

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Anterior placenta here and I'm 24 weeks. This is my 7th and honest to goodness kicks were delayed for me. But they are MUCH stronger now. Dh's eyes about bugged out of his head last night watching the movement. lol

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2nd Anterior placenta for me too! I felt kicks a little bit earlier this time then with my first but really just recently pretty strong and unquestionable. My first had already turned head down by 20 weeks and stayed there and so until she got bigger she was pretty much just kicking at the placenta... this time he is still head up and his butt /legs are really low... I only feel the clear movement from his legs which happen to be below when the placenta is. I think that with the anterior placenta the babies position makes a big difference in how much you feel at this point before baby get stronger! If your baby is pretty much kicking at the placenta and no-where else you won't feel much yet I think!

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I have twins, with both an anterior and posterior placenta.  I can hear the anterior placenta really clearly with my fetoscope.  I had always learned that women with anterior placenta feel movement later, or less movement early on, but I feel more movement from the babe on the anterior side.  Go figure!   


I did have one babe (#5) who I didn't really feel movement from until well past 20 weeks.  I don't know what was up with that, but he is a very healthy, very active little 4 yo boy!  So don't let those "quiet" babies fool ya. LOL  My youngest, a girl, seemed to move constantly!  Even in my sleep.  We discovered after she was born that she twitches in her sleep, ever so slightly.  So even when she was sleeping she was "active".  She still does this, at 2 yo.  Otherwise, she's a fairly laid back little thing, much less active than her "quiet" older brother!

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I felt some movement starting around 15 weeks, but it wasn't consistent until 19 weeks, and then it was only around the edges. so I was pretty sure the placenta was anterior, and by golly that was confirmed at the ultrasound today. with DD I felt movement at 10 weeks, and could find her head most of the time by 14 weeks. 

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Thanks everyone.  The funniest thing happened within 12 hours after I posted this--could feel the babe kicking pretty distinctly!  So distinctly that my husband bas able to feel it too!  Such a relief to finally have that!  Thanks for the reassurance!

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The placenta still has plenty of time to move around.


I'm in my first pregnancy, and while I was slightly below average weight pre-pregnancy, I also have an anterior placenta.  It's nothing to be worried about unless your OB says.  Unless my little boy is doing judo-kicks and punches - I don't feel very much yet.

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I had my 20w u/s today and the tech said my placenta was still anterior. I couldn't believe how far up the baby was because I'd felt NO movement there at all. Anything I felt has been low. I do feel movement low down every day.

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I had an anterior placenta with my first pregnancy and didn't feel much movement until I was well into my 2nd trimester.  And then the movements I felt were more like slow rolling sensations and the distinctive feeling of little feet pushing on my ribcage.  My current baby also has an anterior placenta and I didn't really feel much until a few weeks ago, when the movements became big and unmistakable. No fluttery little butterflies in my belly with this kid.  It feels more like someone is tap dancing on my bladder while punching the left side of my diaphragm all day long.  Oof.


My midwife and doctor both said there was nothing to worry about with an anterior placenta, just so long as it doesn't partially cover the cervix.  It just makes it a little harder to find the baby's heartbeat with the fetal doppler.  Oh, and in both of my pregnancies, my belly was narrow and square....like I had a box under my shirt.

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This is my first pregnancy so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I was told at my 20-week ultrasound that I have a high anterior placenta. I only started feeling definite movements around 20 weeks, and now at a little over 24 weeks, I I feel distinct but not very strong movements regularly. I can't tell what they are, though :p

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I'm just about 29 weeks and my placenta is anterior, but high and to the side.  I feel 90% of the movement on the right.  I assume my placenta is on the left, though I need to verify that.

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