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Ok, so I bought the Bac-Out...

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Now, can someone tell me what to do with it? Hot water or cold? Should I still do my pre-rinse? Should I do an extra rinse at the end? Do I use it with lanudry detergent or without? Still add vinegar?


TIA!! I have to get the stinky pee smell out :)

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I only use it on our poopy diapers. After I spray the poop off I spray the diaper with the bac out then throw it in a wetbag in the bathroom. We wash dipes every other day.
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Ok. Do you dilute it? I bought the concentrate, and I wonder how much I should use. Thank you!

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I do the same as above... spray directly on poopy diapers after I spray them off. I don't dilute.

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I just add a big squirt (about once around the tub) to the cold soak water, let agitate for a bit, stop and let it soak overnight.  It's quite amazing the next morning, when all you smell is the bac-out in the washer.  I don't add it to hot water because I've heard that kills the enzymes.  I also keep a spray bottle diluted with 1/2 water to spray directly onto dipes that may need a little extra help.


I don't add detergent until my hot wash.  I do an extra rinse.


So it's:


Cold soak w/ Bac-out

Hot wash w/ detergent

Extra rinse with vinegar

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I did an overnight cold soak with bac out and rockin green' the other day, and afterwards I read online that you shouldn't do overnight soaks with CDs that have elastic in the legs/waist because it can break something down in the diaper or somehow damage it. Is this true? I imagine with prefolds or flats and inserts it would be fine. I'm still a bit of a newbie and I've heard both that it's a good thing AND a possibly bad thing to do. What do yall think?

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