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Gotta tell somebody!

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+hpt for yesterday!  It is way early, but had to share with someone.  Looks like another end of July baby.  Our first, a boy, was July 21.  Can't wait to meet you all! Hope to share this wonderful journey for the next 9 months:)

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How fun to have them so close together!  My brothers birthdays were about a week apart and growing up they always had a huge shared party.  Now the older one has 2 kids who are also a week apart and he continues the double party tradition.  Congratulations to you, and welcome!

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I'm in the same boat.  My son was born on 7-15-09, and I'm due around 7-10 next year, so their BDs will be very close together.  We haven't told anyone yet either :)  Congratulations!!

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/Wow, veggie mama, your babies will be close.  My ds was 7/21/08

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