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Anyone Still Working?

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My EDD is November 30th, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I've only been at my job for 17 months, so I don't have a lot of paid time off. So I am planning to work up to Thanksgiving (unless baby comes sooner). I feel good physically, but mentally I don't want to be here. I have pretty much everything in order for my 8 week leave, so now I am just counting the days. Anyone else still working?

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I'm doing the same exact thing.  My EDD is Nov. 30, and my last day at work is the Wed before Thanksgiving.  I am a little stressed about leaving for 12 weeks, as the office is incredibly understaffed and my boss is making it clear that he will be quite burdened while I am gone.  But, I try not to get hung up on it.  I am really looking forward to having some time to myself before Baby gets here, although lately I wonder if I'm even going to make it to next week!

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I've never officially "joined" this DDC, but my EDD is the 24th, so I'm working til then and not coming back. Kids 1 and 2 were each nearly 2 weeks late, so I won't be too surprised if this one goes long, too, but I'm just done with work, and more specifically all the people at work, one after the other with the same: Still here? When are you due? How you feeling? Etc.


All very nice people, and all well meaning, and in other circumstances I might be touched by their concern/interest in me, but at nearly 39 weeks here, I'M not a very nice person, nor am I well meaning : )



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Glad I am not alone! Well, for your sakes, I wish I were and that you could be home, but at least we can commiserate. I too get asked "still here?" and "how are you feeling?" During this pregnancy, I have decided that I will NEVER ask a pregnant woman how she is feeling! Since I announced my pregnancy, I must have been asked that question 1,000 times! Anyway, I am counting the days of work. After today, 6 more at most. :)

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