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losing my mind

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i am 2 days from 37 weeks, and am so tired of being pregnant. i feel huge! only a few shirts left that actually cover my entire belly. i don't feel like doing a dang thing, either! where is my burst of nesting energy? i feel like i am just plodding through the days with my poor 2 year old  who needs more than i am able to give her right now. is time standing still?! *sigh*

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Hugs. Not much longer to go now. Take it a day at a time. You'll get through.

We all understand.

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I think it's totally ok to be just keeping up with the minimum right now.  I'm not even cooking or shopping at this point lol.  Not too much longer!

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My shirts don't fit either.  It sucks that the weather is cooling down and unless I'm wearing the one or two that still fit a light breeze is torture.  I'm also getting to that point where I can't sit up.  Forget trying to maintain a position that encourages baby to turn anterior, I'm just trying to sit without feeling like I'm getting all smooshed up inside.  Sitting normally just doesn't cut it anymore.  I have my foot rest and I'm practically laying on the couch.


And yes I think there is some kind of time-warp phenomenon.  As soon as you get big enough to just want to get it over with little fairies make each second twice as long as its supposed to be.

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Hang in there! I am only 35.5 weeks and already feeling very lazy...my husband has been asking when the burst of energy will kick in ;) Take good care of yourself and don't feel guilty for wanting to rest and relax!

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I am soooo there today and I'm not even 35 weeks yet :(  :hugs :hugs:

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