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How are the hypnobirthing/hypnobabies Mama's doing? - Page 2

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I can't either, it makes me hyperventilate.  I asked the creator of Hypnobabies about it and she said it is fine, just breathe in a way that *I* find relaxing.  :)

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I can't breathe the way they want me to.  I am not sure why, I think it is just too long a time for me.  I am already pretty relaxed when I take the first or second deep breath.  ANyway, just ignore the cues and do whatever breathing is relaxing for you!

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This is very encouraging to hear! Thanks for your story. I moved on to fear clearing last night (and slept right through it!) I'll keep plugging away but will try to do some during the afternoons so I can stay awake for some of it!

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We did the whole numbing thing at my last appointment-very awesome.  She said it would be hard on my own-but the first time I practiced it was pretty easy-but 2nd time I think I was so tired I couldn't concentrate a bunch.


Does the class/official hypnobaby stuff say u r to use cd's/tapes during ur labor or just do it on ur own?  I'm not sure if I should bring a portable cd player or not for labor.

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My husband and I have been doing the script that involves placing his hand on my forehead/shoulder and saying "relax," and every single time he does it I just bust up laughing! I know I'll get used to it (I used to giggle whenever he read scripts and now I'm fine, so I'm sure it'll be the same with this,) but it just seems goofy sometimes.

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Annablue - ha ha!  Yes, I think you will get used to it.  Although laughing during your birthing time could be nice!


We are on that script too and I love the hand on the forehead...which is surprising to me...I thought I would like the shoulder more than the forehead.


Monica - I think it's best to have a CD player for the birthing time too in case you want to listen to scripts.  Some people prefer to give themselves prompts or have someone else give them but you might end up wanting to put headphones on and go into your own little world for a while or play the CDs outloud.

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So r u having ur husbands/SO's beside/with you the whole time you practice?  My DH hasn't been w/ me to a session yet b/c we have no one to watch our DS.  My hypnotist uses the touch the shoulder method & when I practice I just imagine it happening. Which is working out ok so far.  I have a portable dvd player, so I'll just make sure to get some headphones in case I want to bring it.

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Yes, in Hypnobabies the birth partner reads the scripts to you and practices the physical techniques (hand on the shoulder or forehead, etc) and verbal prompts (relax, release, peace, etc).  Maybe you can get your DH to do the touch your shoulder method with you while you are listening to the CD outloud (I think you said your hypnotist records the sessions, right?).

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yes, she records the sessions so i can take it home & practice.  he's willing to go it's just a babysitter problem. he will prob go w/ me right before Christmas when we have family in.


I guess he could just sit there while i listen and then do the touches. i'm afraid he might crack up or make me laugh. he is supportive just doesn't grasp/understand the concept.

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I think it depends on if the program is designed around him helping you.  If so, I would say he definitely needs to practice with you so that he gets the giggles out of his system (I think almost EVERYONE has them the first few times).  But if the program is more for you do guide yourself with suggestions, then maybe it's not as important.  I guess you can ask your hypnotist if the intention is to have help or be more self-guided.  In Hypnobabies, it's pretty clear that the Birth Partner plays a significant role (unless it's a single mom and the materials are designed differently in that case).

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whoops. i need to get back on this. two or three weeks ago i got through 5 days of week 1, but then my iPod dock speaker thing died and listening with earbuds hardly seems relaxing to me. i'll be 32 weeks this week. still in time to be on time if i start over. thanks for the reminder!

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