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Hawaii questions

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We are considering a move to your lovely islands.

I have some questions though


How likely is it that you can own chickens and a goat or 2 on your property?

What is the price of ground beef?


What are the schools like, Truthfully. We are hearing some really scary things over here about the lack of funding. :(


Are the property and state taxes really high? or comparable to most other places in the US?


What happens to all the old cars and stuff (garbage and junk)? Do they get shipped off the islands? Here in Alaska, in the smaller communities, old cars and trucks just sit around in peoples yards.

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Don't see a lot of old cars sitting around in the main areas, maybe out in the sticks?  Depending on the neighborhood chickens no problem, goats in some areas but not others.  Funding was bad under the previous Governer (R) but the new Governer (D) probably won't make the same mistake, it really was a huge BOMB and the legistlature voted it could not happen again.  Public schools vary but each island has a few good ones.  Property taxes are high because the value of the land is high.  There is an issue with not enough garbage/dump space but it is a bigger issue on the Big Island even though it is Oahu that has the largest waste output (on Oahu it gets burned at H power).  





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Local grocery chains are Safeway & Foodland, you can check prices on their websites. 

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Mahalo. :)

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My hubby and I were over there for a while and we did not notice a huge difference on the price of food. We do live in the Homer area so it is a bit more expensive here than in Anchorage but while we were on the big island we really did not notice a huge difference in the price of food or gas from what we pay at home. I don't have any experance with the price of things on any of the other island though.

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Thanks again.

We were in hawaii Dec 3rd through the 12th and had the most lovely vacation! After living in various places in Alaska over the past 15 years, I found the prices in Hawaii to be very similar and sometimes cheaper even!

Thank you all so much for the replies! I am eager to return.

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