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Gift for Midwife

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I have a wonderful Midwife, and she has supported me through two pregnancies and births.....I would like to give her something to show my appreciation, but can't think of anything that truly shows how much she has meant to my family


Have any of you done something special for your birth team? Any suggestions would be great!

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yeah i want to do something for mine too, I was thinking maybe a massage or something.  Will be watching this thread for other suggestions!

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there are a ton of previous  threads on gifts for midwives that have some great ideas. 

I browsed for ideas also.  I really liked some of the shirts out there on cafepress.



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I plan to get mine a gift card for coffee, some chocolate, and wine. :)

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I gave my two midwives four bottles of mead.  I homebrew, so it's my standard gift when alcohol isn't inappropriate :)

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