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My water broke with both of my last two pregnancies. Like you said, there was an initial gush then it would continue to spurt sporadically. I think I wore a cloth prefold because I never knew how much was going to come out. Mine was always either clear or just slightly tinged pink and almost smelled sweet. 


FWIW, the first time my water broke, it was 37 hrs till I went into labour - babe was born 42 hrs after water broke. The second time, it only took 18 hrs to go into labour and babe was born 4.5 hrs later.


Keep drinking water and don't put anything in your vagina. Your fluid will continue to replenish itself. Happy birthing!!!!!

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Yay! ELV's to you! goodvibes.gif

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Happy birthing! :)

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So happy for you!  I know that you've been quite ready for this!  Easy labor vibes and update us whenever you get the chance.

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Yay!  ELVs to you and update us when you can!  

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Sounds like this may be it! ELV's...can't wait to hear an update!

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OoooOOoh!!!!!! goodvibes.gifThis is it! YAY! gentle birthing vibes, mama!! i can't wait to hear all about it~!

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goodvibes.gifELVs, mama!!  Baby Jude is on his way!!

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Yay, I'm so glad the time has come! Gentle Labour Vibes sent your way dust.gif

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Originally Posted by Lucy&Jude'sMama View Post

They told me it would be very rare for my water to break before active labor a 2nd time... I guess I'm a rare breed!

my water has broken before labor began for all EXCEPT my first.  pinktongue.gif  it is possible!


happy birthing, mama!!

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yay!!! May you have a blessed  birth!!

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Good luck momma!  I am so happy for you!  I have had the same thought, what happens when your water breaks during some intimate times!thumb.gif Enjoy your birth and sending you lots of resting vibes for now and get active labor vibes for when it kicks in!  It is good to be a rare breed!

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how exciting!!!  easy peaceful labor vibes for you!!!!

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Congrats!!! Glad to hear the belly wrapping helps with the after pains! Can't wait to read your birth story and see pictures.

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Congratulations! Welcome Jude!

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