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Peeing standing up

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My son is 3 and insists on standing up to pee. He has ok aim but I'm still having to clean up constantly and it's driving me crazy. Do you let you little guys pee standing up?

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I taught both my boys to pee sitting down.  When they potty trained at 2, they were too short to stand anyways.  My 4.5 year old still sits, my 8 year old stands.  I don't remember when he started standing, probably around the time he started school. 

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My boys peed standing up from the get-go when they were using the big potty.  Have you tried the "hit the cheerio floating in the  water" trick?

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Ds has always peed standing.  I taught him to put both hands on the back of the toilet and lean forward while standing on a step stool.  His hips can't move to the side if both hands are holding on, he leans forward and there is no mess.  Now he is four and no longer uses his step stool or the back of the toilet.   

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DS is 3 1/2. He pees standing up. His aim is not the finest. It's clear to me, though, that he's trying as hard as he can with that, so I try not to hassle him too much. Part of the problem is that his foreskin is only partially retractable, and the angle of the flow is kinda unpredictable as a result. Also, it's hard to aim straight when your penis doesn't stick out farther than your bellybutton-- DS has a little pot belly, and he can't see what he's doing so clearly. It's mostly when the stream is starting and stopping that he tends to dribble. I've dealt with the problem by putting a bath towel under his stepstool, sort of hugging the base of the toilet, and then I just toss it in the laundry twice a day. I encourage him to use the upstairs bathroom, so that I don't have to have a towel in my half bath when people come over. I still do have to go in and wipe the rim of the bowl a few times a day, and sometimes the wall or the floor thumb.gif, but it still takes way less time than changing diapers did, so I try not to feel resentful. He'll get it when he's ready.
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DS peed standing up from very young. We practised ec. We used a weeman urinal for a while, then graduated to using the step stool. He doesn't need a stool now, but the occasional mess is due to 1) only lifting the lid and not the seat  - few splashes easily wiped or 2) stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night and not pulling his pyjama bottoms down far enough. It's a tiled floor so clean up is easy.

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Both my boys pee standing up - and both are also completely trained to wipe up any spills, spray, and dribbles. Not a big deal and they took to it as easily as every other aspect of potty training.


If aim is an issue try having the kiddo stand on a stool, face toliet, lean forward and put both hands on the top of the toilet tank.

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DS pees standing up.  


I remember the first time he did it.  he was under 2, and the toilet rim was about at the same height as his chest.  he peed all over the base of the toilet with the proudest look on his face :lol.


These days, hes does fine when he is paying attention, but that isn't always.  We did the "sink the Cheerios" game for a bit, but we used store brand fruit loops (cheaper and more colorful.)

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ds pees standing up about 25% of the time.  Our biggest issue is that the last little bit, when the pressure is less, always ends up on his pants because it just dribbles out! I don't know what to do about that.  We've been trying to teach him to shake the drops out, but so far there is not a lot of luck with that.

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They have peed standing up from the start. They used a step stool at first. Yes, there is mess, but I'm trying to teach them to clean up if they pee on the rim or seat. 

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Maybe leave baby wipes in the bathroom and ask him to wipe the rim/seat/mess when he's done??  Seems do-able while still letting him stand to pee.


PS my little guy just had his first standing pee in the potty today!  What funny timing to see this post!

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