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me!    Due Turkey day.  Lost my plug during the past 24 hours.  Praying it will be tonight because I don't want to start something new at work tomorrow!  Prolly will be a few more days though.

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i'm here too belly.gifdue date was last friday - so i am 40w4d today.  i decided to get things rolling and had the MW do a stretch/sweep this AM.  i may also give the breast pump a whirl later on.  gonna see too if DTD might get things progressing as well.  i officially can't take it anymore!  i wanna meet my baby!!!banana.gif

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ME!! BUT, I got my food shopping done today - ALL of it!! We have sooo much food in the house now....so baby can come out. lol.gif It was one of the things in my head preventing me from being ready, yk? Now I'm ready.


It HAS to be tonight or tomorrow because...all 3 of our kids were born on one of DP's brother's birthdays (one was born on HIS b-day) so somehow my MIL & I have given birth to 3 babies so far on the same birth dates - and Dp has yet another brother whose b-day is tomorrow (11/16)!!


So I went to 4 different grocery stores...mom & pop wfs, WF market, TJ's and our local store. Plus I went to Goodwill because yk, baby needs MORE clothes. Then I came home and unpacked ALL of the food, brewed a really strong mug of RRL and now I'm going to go have sex *at least* once and will take care of myself with BoB afterward. lol.gif And perhaps I might have my mw do a more stretchy dilation check tomorrow. I don't think I'm supposed to do that since I was GBS+, but mw mentioned bringing labor on. I'll have to ask what she thinks tomorrow. 

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Thanks, I have had wonderful labors and birthing, with my other kids.. I am just being worries for nothing. But I am ready for my baby and I am siding with I don't want to go to work in the morning wouldn't it be nice to have a new baby instead!  LOL

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38 weeks and 4 days!~ I am so ready to have this little guy! Can't wait to meet him... He is Posterior at my MW appointment today and I had allot of back pain, I even moped floors today for about an 1.5 and he still was PO... I have been Hands and Knees at night while I watch TV, Eeerrr I have never had a Po baby, Does anyone have any advice? Does the placenta make a difference its in the front, does he like facing the placenta?

I know you've probably already been to spinningbabies to see their advice-- they should also have positions for during birthing to get baby to move well.  I know HypnoBabies has advice about back labor-- something about the belly lift?  Maybe the yahoo group for HB has some info on it.  But also my MW says that with experienced mamas, your body knows how to open up and let that baby out, and often baby will turn just so during actual birthing.  I hope it works out for you!

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Haha, that's what DH begged for with DD's birth-- he was getting miserable at his then-job and that Friday was saying it would be great if I could have the baby so he wouldn't have to go back for a long time.  EARLY Monday morning, it started! :)

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I'm still here. Due date is this Friday. Baby doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get here. I'm growing impatient though. Contractions every single night is just plain cruel!

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I was due on the 8th and am still pregnant. My others were late (my son 8 days and then induced, my daughter came naturally at 2.5 weeks overdue). I am so ready to be done! Started losing mucous plug yesterday and had a lot of contractions, but they fizzled off.

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Due the 13th and still pregnant, which is normal for me.  I usually go past 41 weeks.  All of this rather intense prodomal, losing my plug over the past three days is not usual for me though.  We'll see what happens!

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I'm just one day shy of 39 weeks, but I am soooooooooo ready. I feel like I've just gotten off a horse after riding for ten hours. My MW says the baby's head is very low and engaged, so I guess that's good.


We did IVF so this journey seems even longer than it would if I'd just figured out I was pregnant at four or six weeks. I've been working on this baby "project" since January!


Oh, and about a month ago DH was facing some awful things at work and said, "I'll give you a million dollars if you'll go into labor before tomorrow." ;) Now it's me who is eager for him to start his paternity leave -- I'm sooooo tired and I could use a break from being the only parent at home all day. Of course, I know when the baby is on the outside it will mean more work and possibly less sleep (though that doesn't actually SEEM possible at this point)...

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I'm still here. I was 40wks on Sunday.

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I'm still very much here, too. Feels like I'll be pregnant forever, but like St. Margaret, I'm trying to cherish these last days as much as I can, in between being annoyed at still being pregnant. I was feeling anxious to have the baby while my sister was out visiting from the East Coast, but that didn't happen--so now I'm back to being more relaxed about it all.


Meta, I've been doing crazy food shopping, too. Seems like every day I'm at another store. This is getting very expensive!


I'm also getting tired of trying to keep the house clean all the time. Every time I get a burst of contractions, I have to do a flurry of cleaning, just in case. Like I'll actually care about a clean house when I have that tiny baby to snuggle, right?

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