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You guys all have such awesome bellies... I'm jealous!  Seriously, I still have a couple pairs of pre-preg pants that fit, zipped, buttoned, and all.  Grumble grumble!


We've been taking pictures every sunday morning since we found out (I think we missed one or two)... I'll have to post a couple when I get home (and find the cable to get them off my camera), but they're not nearly so impressive.  :)

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We played with camera angles, it's the day after Thanksgiving in this photo and I'm sticking it out for effect, but here is a copy of our xmas card.


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elonwy, that is adorable!! smile.gif

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Originally Posted by bluepetals View Post

elonwy, that is adorable!! smile.gif

yeahthat.gif  love it!

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15 weeks tomorrow stillheart.gif




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Such great bumps everyone!

Elonwy - That has got to be one of the best Christmas cards I've ever seen! Love it!!
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So jealous of everyone's perfect little bellys. I get wide inside of pushing out, so it'll be a while before I get a nice cute tummy. 

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Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post

Okay I finally took some new pics last night, so here's my updated growth chart: belly comparison chart! It goes from the day of my positive HPT onward. :) I did one for each kid so it's kind of cool to see how each pregnancy differed.


I also took a more "arty" one using the light from my desklamp. Nudity is implied but not really seen (still, it's probably not work safe just the same... there's a nipple shadow but nothing is overtly visible): arty 13.5 weeks

The silhouetted 13.5 week pic is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

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lot's of lovely bumps smile.gif
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This is from last night - I'm 19 weeks today!

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That dress looks absolutely beautiful on you! I love the flower accent.


Love all the cute belly pics stillheart.gif

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15.5 weeks



(For those curious: I'm wearing two belly bands)

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16 wks.jpg


Me at 16wks...which was 3 days ago. =)

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I am so jealous of everyone's bumps!!!! I need to take a new picture. I am 17 weeks 4 days today..I still don't have much of a bump though =(


4 Weeks.JPG13 Weeks Edit 1.JPG

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I love all the belly pics!!


Here's me at 6weeks5days 



and here's one taken today at 17weeks5days




Sorry, I've tried to delete the extra (3rd) pic but it won't let me and it doesn't show up when I edit...only in the thread??????

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Mamas, you are all looking beautiful!


Kittywaltz, that dress looks AMAZING on you!

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I'm 16 weeks and still fairly bumpless :/ I just look like I had a big lunch hehe

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WOW..I am in LOVE with all of these beautiful baby bumps!!!

Elonwy - super special/precious holiday greeting card..and kitty waltz - what a knock out dress that is!!!


Keep them coming..perhaps at some point I will take a picture of my growing ahem..sort of growing...belly LOL

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I took a new silhouette last evening and started a little file to put them all together. :)  You can see it here: 13.5 + 16 week silhouettes.

(Linked because there's nipple shadow)

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