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Morning Sickness?

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I know it is too early to worry about it as I am only 5w1d today but I am hardly ever sick (yet). With my three children I had really bad m/s from about 6 weeks and I can not remember (and my diaries say nothing about) the week before. The two m/c I had were missed m/c and I never had any morning sickness. So this is my personal most important sign.


Are you sick yet?

Did you have a pregnancy that was healthy where you had no m/s at all (maybe even after one where you were sick 24/7)?


Please reassure me!

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I started feeling sick right at the start of six weeks and I'm now deep in the throes of it at 7 weeks. At 5 weeks I just felt tired. 


I didn't have MS with my DS, not even nausea. I had MS with dd but definitely not as severe as what I'm experiencing now. 

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