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What are you getting for your June baby? :-) - Page 2

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I gave away everything after my son grew out of it, five years ago.  I thought I was done, too!  So I'll be buying all new stuff this time around.


Having had two previous June-bugs, I feel pretty comfortable about knowing what they're going to need.  My two lived in onsies for the first few months.  I also had a few sleepers and cute outfits for special occasions.  But mainly, their wardrobe consisted of cloth diapers and onsies.


I'm all excited about doing cloth diaper shopping.  There are so many cool new ones available since I last had babies.  A friend of mine recently had a baby and is doing cloth, so she's giving me tips on the ones she's finding to be well-made.  We just have to wait until we get our septic tank inspected (it's on its last leg) before I can officially commit to going with cloth again. 


I'll need to get some new baby furniture, too.  I'm loving these convertible cribs.  My other two didn't spend any time in the crib, but I'm (optimistically) hoping to at least do naps in a crib this time around.  And then we can use the crib as a toddler bed/double bed later on down the line.


I'll probably get a pack-n-play bassinet to keep beside my bed, as I have a smaller bed this time around and have valid concerns about squishing the baby. ;)


Oh, and a carseat and sling.  Duh.


Trying to keep it simple, because this will be my last baby, so we won't get a second use out of this stuff. 

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We gave away almost everything except diapers, car seat, monitor.  I am going to start recalling stuff from other people's houses (cosleeper, more diapers) but clothes for sure will need to be procured!

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I gave away a lot of my stuff even though I knew I wasn't done.  


We can borrow an infant seat, and someone is giving me diapers and a hammock.  I might buy a different hammock second hand instead, I'm not sure.  I'd prefer to do that but I will have to see what is available!  


I will also be getting a cashmere/cotton swaddling blanket, some little wool/silk undershirts, and lots of soakers for summer and longies for fall.  I'm going to ask for Aden & Anais type swaddling blankets for a gift if anyone in our families asks.  I'd like to make a few different hats and things too. I have some newborn diapers, but I'll probably get some more, especially prefolds.  I'd like to try out flats this time around too.   I'd like to get a nice sheepskin but it's not the top priority.


For me, I am going to try to buy at least 2 new bras and 2 nursing tanks.  I'm thinking I should go try on nursing tanks now to see what size, so I can get them on sale or in a co-op.

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We'll need a new infant carseat, and due to the tight fit (2 in boosters and 1 in a carseat in the back seat of my wagon) I may have to buy new boosters, too.  Cheaper than a new car, I guess. LOL


I hear you, rach03:  by June it's usually in the 90's pretty regular, and I keep the a/c on 80, so no need for many clothes.  In the summer, my girls lived in cloth dipes and not much else.  I have a metric ton of clothes, though, from gifts and hand-me-downs -- all girly stuff.  DH is praying hard for a boy this time, so we'll see.  I still have most of my newborn diaper stash, but I loaned some of it out.  I'll need to either get those back or replace them, and I need some new covers as well. And some Snappi's.


I desperately want some sort of awesome wrap or carrier, but have had terrible luck trying to figure out how to use them.  I want to fix that BEFORE the baby gets here!

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We thought our third child was our last since I went into menopause... so we got rid of everything!! The only thing we kept were a few of our favourite cloth diapers and some baby carriers. Thank god I kept those. ;)


I've started buying large stashes of cloth. I'm actually kind of grateful for the opportunity to buy a new stash, cloth is SO CUTE and it's come pretty far from 8-9 years ago when I was first buying it off Ebay.

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we didn't find out ds' gender before so we have a good stash of gender neutral gear. my wish list includes a few more diaper covers, car seat, and hopefully a professional photo session. try as i did to get dh into it we have no professional maternity or post-baby shots. i think i'm going to ask my mom and sisters to contribute to a photo package. it was my one regret with ds.

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ummm, nothing? :lol


Seriously I have baby clothes out the kazoo for a boy and if its a girl, my good friend just had a girl so I am set. Babies so don't need much, I already have 2 good baby carriers, bouncy seat. What else do I need really?

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I am WAY too nervous to buy anything yet, but the temptation is strong.  I own a CD/natural parenting store so I find myself considering creating a little NB stash from my orders.  I will definitely wait a while before doing that.  I have three daughters, so if this one's a boy, either he will wear lots of pink dresses or I will be doing some serious garage saling!  Another girl will be well outfitted! 

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Oh what a fun thread! It's nice to look forward...


There won't be too much we need to buy for this little "June Bug" (I love that!) but since we didn't cloth diaper with my daughter and we'll be moving out of the city and into a house with a washer/dryer in the basement (woohoo!) I am really excited to jump into the world of cloth. I've started building a small stash here and there, found a few goodmama's on ebay, got some hand me downs from a friend who does cloth diaper demonstrations, and am going to slowly start buying some newborn sized fitteds and maybe also a few prefolds for good measure. I have lots of friends who cloth diaper now so I feel much better informed than I was with my daughter, just being overwhelmed by the internet.


I've got lots of little "girl" clothes, but since we're (hopefully) not finding out the sex this time I could definitely use some more gender neutral tees & onesies for the early months and then I'm sure we'll pick things up as we need them. 


I'd also like to buy a mei tai this time around. I have wraps & slings & an ergo, but love the idea of a soft carrier we can use from the very beginning too. And of course I have to round out the collection, eh?


As far as other gear I think we're pretty well set from saving a lot of my daughter's things.

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If this baby is a boy, I will need a little more in the clothing department, but I have lots of friends with baby stuff, so I should be pretty covered.


This will be my first time cloth diapering, so I will eventually need to build up a stash of those. I have already gotten bags of newborn prefolds from girlfriends tho.


I have my moby wrap - which I couldn't live without in the newborn stage! - my mai tie, and an ergo.


I have a crib that has been sidecarred to our bed as a barely used co-sleeper for both girls. I suppose we will drag it out of storage again. ;)


What I thought I needed changed drastically from the first kid to the second, and now third.


My list for the first 5 months of a baby born in June in Arizona would look something like this...


- prefolds and wipes

- moby and mai tie

- lots of short sleeved onesies

- baby legs

- moses basket

- burp cloths

- boobs :)


I think that's it!


That said, I have already purchased a onesie with a men's tie graphic on it and a little red fox. lol And no, we don't know gender yet! ;)




 - infant carseat - which we do need

 - bouncy seat - we did use this a fair amount when baby wanted to sit upright a little and watch the action.

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we will need a car seat i had forgootten that we will need that but i am in no rush to get it. 

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I won't be buying much... actually, I can't really think of anything we need to buy. Yay.  I'll be making some stuff though. A mei tai and ring sling, some winter newborn clothes (I'm learning to knit!), maybe a sleep sack, possibly some new cloth diapers. Definitely some new inners for the current cloth diapers, the old ones were made from Mum's old terry nappies and they're utterly perishing.

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ds#2 was a june baby so if we have a boy I'm set on clothes up until 12 months or so. If I have a girl i'll hit up the thrift stores and such and rely on some hand me downs.

This will be my 1st cloth diaper baby so cloth diapers covers cloth wipes (probably make my own)

environmentally friendly bath and body items..(I love smelly good babies )

Probably stock up on a bit of good diaper washing soap? Any suggestions??

Car seat

A good carrier or two 1 hubby might use as well suggestions on manly carriers??

I am learning to crochet....hope to make something lol

maybe a new boppy mine is shot

 a digital scale since I was allways paranoid about babies intake

diaper pail

wet bag

diaper bag of some sort

nursing necklace (no rush)

teething necklace (no rush)





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I've not bought much, but received quite a bit of hand me downs from my sister who had two boys, clothing and bouncy chair, a crib which I'm not sure I'll use at all since we plan to cosleep, but maybe for naps?  All of it is buried in the basement so I need to drag it out and see what all I have.  I'll be hitting the garage sales hard this spring for gender neutral clothes.  Other than that we'll need a carseat, I have a Mei Tei and a beautiful handpainted wrap, but want to get something (moby maybe) for the newborn stage, can be hot here in June so light material would be nice.  I mentioned a birthing chair and a side car to Beloved and me made noise about making them rather than buying so we'll see.  I feel really lucky that he is as handy as he is.    

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I am not sure. I have some summerish clothes since my last three were August babies, but barely wore any of it before it got too cool. I always buy a few new boy and girls things, always resale stuff. I have a swing, but hate the colors. I also have an infant seat, I used w/ the last three I think. I might get a new one if it is close to expiration. I never was fond of it. I need new baby socks. I can't think of much else. I have never really had a full on summer baby. Our twins were born in February in San Diego, but that was long ago I can't really recall what they wore. Oh yeah I remember short sleeve long leg things in the beginning. It will be cool in our house w/ the cooler going and our house is normally cool. I really don't need anything, but I will buy a few bits just b/c I can. I am looking forward to this!

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I don't need any gear whatsoever, BUT if this little one turns out to be a girl, I will definitely buy some cute new clothes. The clothes we have are very boyish and have been through 2 boys already, so not all that many have held up super well. And there are such adorable things for little girls here, I find myself drooling over them wishing I could find stuff like that in my size! haha 


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Originally Posted by tashantx View Post

Probably stock up on a bit of good diaper washing soap? Any suggestions??

A good carrier or two 1 hubby might use as well suggestions on manly carriers??


we use Charlie's Soap for all of our laundry including diapers. i love it!

dh used both the ergo (essential now b/c dh wears him down every night & often when we walk around town) & moby (when dh was little: 11wks, playing wii, at the beach). i love baby wearing dads!

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Manly carriers - my husband and I both used the mei tai all the time with DS from 4 months until 18 months or older.  We got a Kozy with a reversible panel.  I usually used it with the patterned side out and DH used it with the navy blue side out.  I guess that's manly.  :)

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Originally Posted by tashantx View Post

Probably stock up on a bit of good diaper washing soap? Any suggestions??

A good carrier or two 1 hubby might use as well suggestions on manly carriers??


I use Charlie's also. 

My SO likes the Beco Butterfly. We all do. It's the best money I've ever spent on a baby.


Originally Posted by calynde View Post

And there are such adorable things for little girls here, I find myself drooling over them wishing I could find stuff like that in my size! haha 

It's my greatest fantasy to dress in the clothing available to my almost 4yo daughter. Baby girl clothes don't excite me much but little girl clothes make me swoon. 

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thanks for the suggestions ladies!! I'm so thrilled to start shopping! With us paying for the birth out of pocket we are limited but it's going to be SO worth it!

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